The Best Fish and Chips in Broome Western Australia


best fish and chips in broome western australia

If you’re in the mood for some fish and chips, you’ve got a lot of places to choose from in Broome, Western Australia. Whether you want to go for a more traditional British style or you want to try a more Western style, you’ll be sure to find the best fish and chips for your taste.

Chumley Warner’s Traditional British Fish & Chips

Touted by some as the halo of Brisbane’s glitzy West End, Chumley Warner’s has a bit of everything. If you’re a fan of British pub grub, you’ll be pleased to know that if you’re craving fish and chips or a burger you’re in luck. With an award-winning menu ranging from classic classics to contemporary delights, you’ll surely find something to suit your fancy. Aside from great food and a cosy atmosphere, Chumley Warner’s boasts one of the best locations in Brisbane, making it the ideal place to pick up some fish & chips or just to relax and recharge after a hard day’s work. Luckily for you, it’s a short walk from Brisbane’s CBD or a quick hop from the Brisbane airport. So, you’ll be chowing down on the highest of quality grub in no time at all. And when you’re looking for a quick and efficient meal, you’ll get the reassurance of a local expert in your corner. You can also call in your order, a la carte, at a time that’s convenient to you, a la carte.

Woodlands Fish and Chips

Woodlands Fish and Chips is an eatery that is popular among locals. Located on Grand Lane behind Barrack Street, it serves a variety of menu items. It also has a wine bar, hot drinks, and an ice cream counter.

One of the best things about the Woodlands Fish and Chips is the staff. They have been serving customers for over three decades. In addition, the fryers have three generations of experience working in the business.

Another good thing about the Woodlands Fish and Chips is its pricing. They offer a base level fish and chips for $10 and a fish and chips and beer combo for $14. You can order by phone or online.

The Woodlands Fish and Chips website has a downloadable menu as well. On top of that, you can order on an app. This feature may have changed since the last website update.

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Woodlands Fish and Chips is located in the western suburbs of Perth. It is a great lunch spot that offers takeaway and a wine bar. There are also weekly specials.

While it lacks the pizzazz of some other places, the Woodlands Fish and Chips menu includes a number of dishes that will satisfy your taste buds. For example, you can order the Red Spot Emperor with olives and a white wine.

There are a few other Western Australian fish and chip options. Some of them are a bit more expensive. However, they provide a great deal of flavour.

Mosman Park Seafoods

If you’re looking for the best fish and chips in Broome Western Australia, you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of options around, and a lot of them are quite expensive. But if you’re willing to spend some more cash, you’ll be rewarded with fresh, quality seafood.

Kailis’ Fishmarket Cafe is a popular local fish and chip venue. This family dining spot has a cosy atmosphere, deck tables with views of the fishing boat harbour, and an excellent choice of seafood. The cafe also offers a great range of salads and sweets, making it an ideal stop for a quick lunch.

Kailis’ also has a children’s menu. They serve sardines, squid and spaghetti, as well as a few other treats.

Another local favourite is Ocean and Paddock. Located at 116 Middelton Road in Middleton Beach, this is a top fish and chip restaurant. Often voted the best in WA, they have a fantastic range of dishes on offer, as well as a dine-in area. It’s also a good option for takeaway.

Another popular takeaway restaurant is Amber Jacks. Aside from their great selection of seafood, they also have a number of award-winning craft beers. You can even order a food van with nachos.

Another top-notch fish and chip spot is Mt Pleasant Fish And Chips. Located in South Perth, this fish and chip shop has been serving customers for over twenty-five years. Their base level fish and chips are only $10, while their gourmet meals are priced a little higher.

Joe’s Fish Shack

If you want to enjoy a delicious seafood platter in Broome, Joe’s Fish Shack is the place to go. The location is ideal – at the Fishing Boat Harbour. It has a pretty, colourful decor and a large deck.

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There is also a takeaway facility and a great view of the water. Their menu is extensive. They offer fresh local seafood, squid and chips. You can order from a special seafood basket, or try their beer battered fish. This restaurant has a good reputation for quality food and service.

For those who don’t like to go for the traditional fish and chips, you can opt for a burger or a stuffed lobster tail. There is also a raw bar where you can choose oysters to go with your meal.

Those with kids can opt for a kids menu. This restaurant has been voted the best in WA three years in a row.

The menu includes calamari rings, a variety of seafood dishes and a range of burgers. They serve wine and milkshakes.

Aside from their tasty fish and chips, this restaurant offers a wide selection of desserts. You can get a sweet treat from the apple crumble or ice cream. Also, you can enjoy a glass of white wine or beer.

Another seafood restaurant in Broome is Kailis’ Fish Market Cafe. It has an alfresco seating area that offers a lovely view of the harbour.

La Beach Fish and Chips

If you want to enjoy a fish and chip lunch in Broome Western Australia, there are many great places to go. Some are more expensive than others. But, all are worth a try. Whether you’re in the mood for traditional chips and a burger, or something more creative, you’re sure to find something on your menu at one of these restaurants.

La Beach Fish and Chips in Broome Western Australia serves up sustainably sourced seafood. Their menu includes snapper, barramundi, and hake. The restaurant offers a selection of specials as well.

Matso’s Broome Brewery is a family-owned establishment with two bars. They serve a variety of beers and a range of Asian and Australian cuisine. You can dine in or order take away.

Frying Nemo Fish & Chips in Darwin is a top contender for the national seafood award. It’s a popular spot for fish and chips. The restaurant is located at the Tipperary Waters Marina.

Cable Beach is another great option for a fish and chip lunch. This 22-kilometre-long beach is pristine and beautiful at sunset. At the beach, you’ll find turquoise water and perfect for swimming. There’s also a camel ride available.

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Cable Beach is a great place for a picnic. A little farther north you’ll find Cape Leveque, an undiscovered corner of the world with magazine-cover quality beaches and red cliffs. During the dry season, camel rides operate daily.

The Bao Shed

The Bao Shed in Broome is a restaurant that celebrates Asian flavours. Their signature dish is smashed avo with dukkah, but there is much more to their menu. There are also a number of microbrews on offer, including the eponymous bao beer.

They also have a wine list and a drive through option. For a more formal experience, they offer a fine dining experience with prix-fixe menus that won’t break the bank.

They also have an impressive selection of cocktails, including the gin-inspired White Pearl gin, which has been distilled from the Kimberley’s monsoonal rainwater. You might even spot a resident Kelpie!

There are other notables worth checking out, like the Aarli, which is a slick waterfront restaurant. This is also the home of the world’s biggest frangipani tree. Its outdoor bar has an amazing view of the sunset.

Another great bar is the Wharf Restaurant, which serves Japanese izakaya-style dishes on weekends. In addition to its great drinks, it also offers a slick webcam that shows you the weather.

The Bao Shed is not a pretentious restaurant, but it’s definitely a worthy destination in its own right. While its beer might be a bit on the small side, its other a la carte offerings are well worth the trip.

As far as the best coffee in Broome, the Good Cartel is the way to go. Not only is it a posh place to grab a brew, they also have an impressive array of vegan sushi bowls.