The Best Camels to Ride in Broome Western Australia


best camel rides broome western australia

There are plenty of things to do when you’re in Broome, Western Australia, but one of the best ways to see the area is by taking a camel ride. Not only are camels a great way to explore the area, but they are also a fun way to experience the local culture. Here are some of the best places to get camel rides in the region.

Cable Beach

Cable Beach camel rides are a popular activity for visitors to Broome, Western Australia. These unique experiences offer spectacular views of the Indian Ocean, and allow visitors to experience close encounters with the local wildlife.

There are a number of tour operators who provide Cable Beach camel rides. However, one of the most well-known companies in the area is Broome Camel Safaris. This company offers a range of tours along the beach, including the iconic camel train ride. They also have special packages and personalised group tours.

One of the most popular ways to see the spectacular sunsets is to take a camel ride. The cable beach is the ideal location for this. It provides a safe place to swim, and offers pristine white sand that’s washed clean by tides over nine metres.

You can choose from three different camel ride operators. Red Sun Camels, Blue Camels and Camels in Blue all provide camel rides on Cable Beach. Each company has its own style, and some even include a free drink or two. Some tour providers include a 30-minute stroll at the end of the tour.

The camels are beautiful, and each has black saddles and bright-coloured blankets. It’s easy to get a picture of these amazing creatures. Most of the Cable Beach camel rides are offered during the day, but you can book a ride at night as well.

The camels are friendly and well-trained. The experience is unique and relaxing. To top it off, the staff is friendly and helpful. At the end of your ride, you’ll have a chance to hand your camera over to the staff, so they can take a picture of you.

Cable Beach is a beautiful place to visit. It’s also home to a wide range of watersport activities, such as fishing. Additionally, there are numerous restaurants and shops. In addition, there’s also a beach access point, making it a popular destination for tourists. If you’re visiting for the first time, be sure to keep a look out for crocodiles.

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Broome has been known for its natural landscapes, and the camel ride is a great way to view them.

Red Sun Camels

If you are looking for the best camel rides in Broome Western Australia, then look no further than Red Sun Camels. These award winning camels will ensure that you have an unforgettable experience.

Broome is located in the North West of Western Australia. It is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and natural landscapes. The town is also home to many other tourist attractions. You can find more information on these attractions and local businesses at the Broome Visitor Centre. This centre also provides a free booking service.

Cable Beach is one of the most popular attractions in Broome. It offers 22km of pristine white sand and gently rolling waves. Many tourists enjoy taking a camel ride along this beautiful beach.

Camel ride providers in Broome differ in pricing. Some offer a pre-sunset tour, while others are only available during the sunset. However, both offer an exciting experience for guests.

A camel ride in Broome is an excellent option for anyone looking for an activity that is not only fun, but also affordable. Cable Beach camels provide a relaxing and fun experience for the entire family. They are an excellent way to see the beautiful scenery and clear turquoise water.

Broome has many attractions to visit, but the cable beach is a popular choice for camel riders. This popular beach features 22 km of pristine white sand, gentle waves and colourful red ochre cliffs. One of the most unique aspects of this beach is the crocodiles that you may encounter on your camel ride.

Red Sun Camels have won the Department of Environment and Conservation Land Based Operator Award in 2012. The company was founded in 1991 by John and Janet Geappen. During the last twenty years, the business has expanded to over forty camels, and now caters to corporate groups, incentive groups and holidaymakers.

There is no better way to enjoy the beauty of Cable Beach than to take a camel ride. Red Sun Camels provide camel rides in the morning, pre-sunset and at sunset. In addition to providing a memorable experience, the company offers a range of unique and exclusive camel merchandise.

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Sundowner Camel Tours

One of the most popular attractions in Broome is the camel ride. This activity is a unique experience. It allows visitors to see the beautiful landscapes in the town while riding on a camel.

The camel ride is available from several tour operators. They have different pricing and session times. You can choose to ride on a sunset or pre-sunset tour. Some tours also include beer at the end.

If you are looking for an affordable camel ride, you should consider Broome Camel Safaris. Their camels are well fed and well cared for. There is a 90 kg weight limit per person. Children aged 5-15 must weigh 60kg or less.

Another popular choice for camel rides is Sundowner Camel Tours. These tours offer a 30-minute ride on Cable Beach. These tours are informative and they provide soft, comfortable saddles. They also provide a great view of the beach.

Cable Beach is a 22-kilometre stretch of pure white sand, complete with crystal clear turquoise waters. The water is surrounded by red ochre cliffs. To top it off, it is one of the world’s most scenic beaches.

Broome’s camel rides are a fun, family-friendly activity. Children under the age of five years old are free, but must weigh less than 60kg. Alternatively, couples can ride for free.

Broome’s camel tours are a photographer’s dream. With their unique colouring, they make the perfect photo subjects. They are also very photogenic at sunset.

Sundowner Camel Tours have been providing camel rides for over 25 years. Founded by Steve Madden, they are the original camel tour operator in Broome. He has trained his camels from the wild.

For those with children, there are tours that allow them to ride on the lap of their parents. Cable Beach camel rides combine natural landscapes with tourist attractions. Each tour includes photos, a relaxing ride and a fun, educational experience.

Broome is home to many amazing natural landscapes. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Western Australia. Visiting the town will also give you a chance to get to know the traditional owners of the area, the Aboriginal people.

Willie Creek Pearl Farm

The Willie Creek Pearl Farm is a great way to explore the pearl industry in Broome. This small pearling operation teaches visitors about the modern cultured pearl farming process. It also offers a guided tour of the farm and a helicopter flight over the farm.

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A Broome camel ride is one of the most popular activities in Broome. The tour is very relaxing and offers stunning views of the Indian Ocean. You can also enjoy fishing and snorkeling.

The Cable Beach camel ride is another popular activity. This area is known for its white sand and gentle waves. You can enjoy a 45 minute ride.

If you’re interested in a more active experience, you can visit the Kooljaman camp nearby. There, you can view the red pindan cliffs. During the wet season, you may need to take an alternative track.

Another great place to visit in Broome is the Buddha Sanctuary. This open community space hosts meditation gatherings and workshops. In addition, it features a 3-metre crystal Buddha statue.

Another must-see attraction in Broome is the Horizontal Falls. These natural waterfalls are created by tidal flows. They occur on every tide. During the high season, they can get very crowded, so you’ll want to book your visit well in advance.

Other places to visit in Broome include the Courthouse Markets. These markets are held on weekends and feature handmade goods, crafts and homemade gelato.

You can also experience Broome’s rich indigenous culture. The town was once considered the Pearl Fishery Capital of the world. Tours explain the history of the industry, including the dangerous conditions that divers had to endure.

You can also visit the Moontide Distillery, which produces gin and other tropical-inspired drinks. The distillery uses local botanicals, exotic spices and fruits. Alternatively, try a beer tasting at Matso’s Brewery.

Willie Creek Pearl Farm is a unique day trip from Broome. It combines informative tours with breathtaking views and an opportunity to see live pearl harvesting.

Willie Creek Pearls is a family business, operating in Western Australia. It is committed to educating thousands of visitors yearly.