The Best Places to Eat in Broome


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Broome’s pearling boom was a catalyst for a mass migration that took place in the late 1800s. It was almost as dramatic as the Australian gold rush. In droves, Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, and Malay pearl divers came to Broome in search of their fortune. They also brought with them the food and culture of their home countries. Broome’s Asian-fusion influence continues to be a major factor in Broome’s culinary scene. The Aarli is one such restaurant.

The Aarli, located in Chinatown’s heart, is the ideal place to discover more about Broome’s diverse flavours while enjoying a delicious alfresco breakfast. You’ll find Asian-inspired breakfast options like panko-crumbed eggs, wok-tossed Asian mushrooms, and Sriracha hollandaise. Delicious.

The Aarli offers modern Australian cuisine in tropical surroundings.



The name of this cafe comes from its former location at the zoo. The animals have moved on but the cafe is still run by the same family. They offer house-made pastries and breakfast favorites, as well as small-batch roasted coffees throughout the day.

Micrology coffee roasters provide the coffee. The friendly staff will do anything to make sure that you are satisfied. They are happy to offer decaf, alternative milks, and healthy juices or smoothies. The recycled coffee cups come in beautiful designs and can be enjoyed in a comfortable indoor/outdoor environment.

The Zookeepers Cafe offers quality breakfast and coffee at the former zoo.



The cafe is located at Town Beach on its own, so you wouldn’t miss it if you were at Cable Beach. It has great coffee, a lovely atmosphere and a stunning beach view. It’s a great spot for a traditional breaky.

You can make your own adventures with eggs Florentine or eggs benedict. Add smoked salmon, chipolata sausages, baked beans, grilled tomatoes, hash browns, and many other delicious side dishes.

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The Broome Courthouse Markets is a casual option for those who want a more casual event. This popular place is a great choice for breakfast, offering fresh fruit, breads, and Filipino-style empanadas.

A meal at Broome Courthouse Markets is a must-try.





It looks simple at first. A collection of plastic chairs and tables made of red dirt under a canopy of fringed palms, multi-coloured lanterns, and a canopy of fringed palms, this mango farm makes the best woodfired pizzas in Broome.

You can reach the Mango Place by driving north from Broome to Derby until you see a sign titled ’12 Mile’. It’s a satellite suburb located 12 miles north of Broome.

Mango Place packs a tropical punch.



This is the newest kid on Broome’s block and Little Indian has quickly become a local favourite – the food here is simply amazing.

They are proud to boast that they have the best authentic Indian food in Broome. They also make their own masalas from scratch and use fresh herbs grown at home.

Little Indian offers catering services for any type of function. Add some international flair to your next event. You will be a hit with your guests.

Broome’s Little Indian is the newest kid on the block, but they have risen to the top of the must-eat list.



Fresh seafood, hand-made pasta, and unexpected flavour twangs from all over the globe – Cichetti Club offers modern European cuisine at the Cable Beach Club Resort.

Enjoy small sharing plates, wine and delicious modern Italian food as you bond together.

Boardwalk Cafe at Club is open for lunch, coffee, and delicious pastries every day.

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Cichetti Club offers appetisers and share plates.





Broome is not worth the effort if you don’t take a sunset shot at Zanders. It is a popular spot for tourists and locals to enjoy the sunset as they crowd the beachfront location.

The excitement shifts to the menu once the sun sets. You can expect a variety of dishes to please all tastes, with plenty of local seafood and produce. Many locals suggest that you grab some take-out and then go to a quiet spot on the beach to enjoy the food.

Zanders is known for its beachfront location and high-quality food.



Although it’s not visible from the street at first, enter the Cable Beach Club Resort to find the inviting aroma of Japanese flavors until you reach Zensai.

The Club Resort’s Executive chef will take you on an exciting culinary adventure to Japan at Zensai. Zensai literally means “small pretty things”. This concept is also evident in the menu. Sample-sized portions of Japanese classics are available, including fresh sashimi, tempura, yaki tori, and yaki ton.

You can choose from a variety of dishes to please your taste buds or order ‘Omakase,’ which means ‘leave the rest to us’.



Runway Bar & Restaurant are located in the heart Broome. They’re the kind of place you’ll keep hearing about.

The atmosphere is lively and casual. This theme extends to both the speed and ease of the food and service. You can expect to hear the planes fluttering overhead.

Although we’ve heard great things about the steak and the burger, it’s difficult to overlook the wide selection of seafood options in this beach-centric town.




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It is a must-do experience to visit the remotest brewery in Australia. Matso’s Broome was established in 2000 by Martin and Kim Peirson Jones, who took over a microbrewery cafe cum art gallery.

After a renovation in 2004, Matso’s is known for its ginger beer and mango beer. You can hear live music in the courtyard on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons. There are also performances by great local talent.

The adjacent Curry Hut is available seven days a semaine in the courtyard during dry season. You can enjoy authentic Indian food, sometimes with Matso’s beers (try one with the chilli beer!).

Visit Australia’s most remote brewery.



The stylish outdoor restaurant the Bay Club can be found behind the Mangrove Hotel. It is inspired by Bali’s famous beach clubs. You can relax on a daybed, in a Cabana, or at a table while you enjoy the view of Roebuck Bay.

Enjoy live music, cocktails, and the chance to taste some of the best Kimberley produce.

The Bay Club is reminiscent Bali’s famous beach clubs.



Enjoy a refreshing sundowner at the Broome Surf Life Saving Club.

You can enjoy a sundowner at Broome Surf Life Saving Club.

This piece of Broome history was established in 1987 and provides beach safety services to thousands of Cable Beach visitors each year. Although it is simple in design (white plastic chairs flank an attached kiosk on a single-storey shed), it serves its purpose by offering plenty of vibes for afternoon drinks.

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