Broome’s Artisanal Craft Workshops


Broomes Artisanal Craft Workshops Create Your Souvenirs

This workshop, set in a beautiful coastal environment, will walk you through each step of a traditional craft. Please be aware that this requires manual dexterity in both hands and feet for successful participation.

Renzo Piano of Pritzker Prize-winning architect Renzo Piano and Parisian firm RDAI designed 565 Broome SoHo to capture nature’s splendor through their use of specially transparent low-iron glass windows that ensure every corner of this building breathes freely with air.

Wood Carving Workshop

If you enjoy crafting, this workshop is for you! Learn to design and print woodblock prints using traditional Japanese techniques. Topics covered will include carving techniques, planning designs to blocks, registration procedures, ink types available (water-based), registration gradation bokashi etc – giving you all of the skills and confidence to produce unique souvenirs, homewares or gifts to give back home as souvenirs!

The Artisan Development Program (ADP) is a residency for emerging craft artisans who are determined to use their practice as an educational tool. Resident Artisans refine their craft while expanding their understanding of heritage making; ADP provides its alumni with invaluable opportunities for networking, building networks and forging meaningful relationships among artisans and institutions.

Emily explores the relationships between what we eat, drink and use to live on this land we inhabit through her craft of basketry. While her primary focus lies within this discipline, Emily also sews, sews tanning tools and furs herself and builds and carves wooden objects as part of her practice. Emily came to North House Folk School with the intention of exploring traditional basketry practices as they relate to her northern Minnesota life.

At the Folk School, she undertook an internship with a Scandinavian green wood boat building master craftsman and explored Norwegian pole lathe turning and carving – discovering more to this craft than she originally anticipated! Additionally, she hopes to expand her knowledge of green woodworking techniques as she completes her residency with ADP Cohort 2021.

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Broome township’s Streeter’s Jetty mangroves host an all-year home to approximately 50,000 megabats that live as mixed black flying fox and little red flying fox colonies, providing pollination services and seed dispersion for native trees. Through ADP research can be undertaken on these bats while making sculptures to mark their presence and celebrate them within our environment.

Broom Making Workshop

No matter whether you want to add decorative flair or simply need a brush for cleaning cast iron skillet, this workshop will teach you how to create a traditional hand-woven broom. By cutting and soaking broom corn for weaving, as well as learning binding and weaving techniques for weaving your very own shaker combo broom from start to finish.

Broom making is an ancient craft passed down from generation to generation, so learn this enduring art from scratch in this class designed for students of all skill levels. Our proprietor of Sorghum & Leather grows small batches of heirloom broomcorn every year to harvest local broomsticks ensuring high-quality handmade brooms every step of the way – and all production and workshop waste goes back into feeding future broomcorn crops!

Renzo Piano is renowned for designing iconic projects around the world – museums, housing developments and office towers alike. His latest masterpiece 565 Broome SoHo in New York City showcases his flair for luxury while being built with zero waste building strategies in mind.

Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW), known for their meticulous craftmanship, took great care in producing this new residential tower in downtown Manhattan by employing the help of a Paris-based artist to craft custom encaustic floor tiles with their assistance.

Dan was raised in Maine and has traveled widely, working as an artist, carpenter, and shipwright along the way. His artwork examines rituals and habits within the home as well as woodworking techniques and associated craft traditions – always planning, designing, making or dreaming up creative side projects!

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Eva discovered her passion for broom making while earning her education degree at Berea College and has been teaching this ancient craft ever since. Her classes offer safe spaces where participants can connect their hands and soul through this ancient craft of making large Hens Wing whisk brooms for practical purposes or smaller Turkey Wing whisk brooms for spiritual or ceremonial occasions.

Jewelry Making Workshop

If you want to try your hand at jewelry making, taking a class is the easiest way. Jewelry design involves using various tools and materials such as glass, clay, metal and beads; there are numerous classes to choose from both in-person and online that provide all that learning experience!

The New York Jewelry Design Institute provides various jewelry making courses designed to teach you how to design and craft contemporary pieces. There is something suitable for both novice and advanced jewelers; classes offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate busy lives.

Discover how to craft unique jewelry using various materials and techniques such as silver. You will learn hand texturing, shallow forming and stamping – skills which you can then apply towards making one-of-a-kind jewellery either for yourself or others as gifts.

At the Broome County Arts Council’s Members’ Show, local artisans’ artistic abilities are celebrated annually. This exhibition showcases works by artists residing within 50 miles of Binghamton, New York; this year’s exhibit focuses on flowers and nature themes; running until May.

At this jewelry-making workshop, you will learn to craft a necklace from scratch as well as setting and polishing a cabochon stone. Tools and materials will be provided, with instruction being led by an experienced jeweler. Once complete, take home your masterpieces after two hours!

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Painting Workshop

Events require extensive preparation. From planning and budgeting, to finding suppliers and producing marketing material, the end goal of an event should be for guests to remember it fondly. Souvenirs are a powerful tool for increasing recall; make sure they reflect your brand image or theme! Items like custom designed mugs, bookmarks or keychains all work great as souvenirs.

Assuming your event is at a luxury hotel, souvenirs that emphasize local culture or the natural environment would make an excellent addition. They allow attendees to connect more closely with your brand while adding exclusivity. Furthermore, it’s essential that the colors match up with the overall theme – bold colours can grab attention quickly but must also complement one another to avoid appearing too busy and diluting your message.

Make the memories last with an easy scrapbook project! From pictures, postcards, maps, ticket stubs and more – everything will be in one convenient place when it’s time to look back over all those memories from your trip.

The SUNY Broome Gallery @ The Library features student, faculty and community art in an attractive gallery space on the first floor of the library. Open during library operating hours, the gallery provides visitors an opportunity to view student, faculty and community pieces created over time.

The Arts Council of Broome County offers an array of arts classes and workshops throughout the year, catering to both beginners and more experienced artists alike. Classes range from 3 hour sessions to week-long courses; performances span theatre, music and dance genres as well.