Basking in Broome’s Bioluminescence


Bioluminescence gives the ocean its signature neon blue gleam, creating an amazing display. Marine creatures such as some fish, squid, and crustaceans use bioluminescence to avoid predators or attract mates.

Book a tour during a new moon to witness bioluminescence at its finest; some tour operators even offer underwater photography packages so that you can capture its splendor!

Embark on a Kayak Excursion

Cable Beach offers one of the finest experiences of West Australian sunsets. Kick back, relax and witness an impressive show as the sun slips behind an endless stretch of pure sand. Or if you prefer, go on an expedition by kayak to get up close and personal with nature itself!

Cable Beach’s waters are clear and ideal for swimming and snorkelling, with reefs around the coast home to a vast array of marine life including sea cucumbers, shrimp, coral and rays – you may even spot whales if you’re lucky! Additionally, diving and fishing activities are popular on this beach as well.

Broome is known for its pearling history, and you can explore it via the self-guided Jetty to Jetty walking tour in Roebuck Bay or visiting the Pearling Museum. Or take part in one of Broome’s Pearl Farm Tours to gain more knowledge from local pearlers while harvesting oysters yourself at Cygnet Bay or Willie Creek!

Cable Beach restaurants provide tantalizing culinary offerings. Aarli, an Asia-Pacific-fusion eatery located near Chinatown, stands out as an outstanding option with their extensive menu featuring delectable vegetarian-friendly offerings.

Broome offers something for everyone when visiting its surrounding area, whether traveling alone or with family and friends. If you’re curious to explore Aboriginal culture further, tours offered by Broome Aboriginal Tours or Narlijia Experiences include activities like feeding crocodiles and taking walking tours around Roebuck Bay. Art enthusiasts should pay a visit to Short Street Gallery; both tours include activities such as feeding them crocs!

Cable Beach visitors who come during a full moon will have the rare privilege of witnessing its fascinating natural spectacle – Staircase to the Moon – when rising moon reflects off Roebuck Bay tidal flats creating the impression of steps leading up to it. Please check the local tourist office for tide times and full moon dates in order not to miss this enchanting display!

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Take a Camel Train Ride

Join Broome’s camel train rides if you’re in the mood for adventure! Not only will this give you stunning sunset and sunrise views, but you’ll get up close and personal with its inhabitants–patting their animal backs, taking pictures and making lasting memories from your visit to Broome!

Bioluminescence, the phenomenon responsible for the shimmer in the water, occurs when plankton in the sea flash and emit light when disturbed – creating an eerie yet otherworldly spectacle in which single-cell organisms emit luminous lights when disturbed, creating a stunning illumination in which glow worms have been called “luminous jellyfish” or sea sparkles; typically found in warmer waters but recently appearing around Australia’s coastal areas too – experts speculate this may be caused by mass bloom of specific dinoflagellates that change depending on their environment – unlike normal phytoplankton which emit light upon disturbance emit light when disturbed and emit light when disturbed – creating this spectacular glow effect is created when disturbed single-celled organisms emit lights when disturbed emit light upon disturbance, creating this otherworldly display that some have described as otherworldly!

Scientists are studying this kind of glowing phytoplankton, known as Noctiluca scintillans, which has appeared along the shoreline of Jervis Bay. Scientists don’t yet understand why it has concentrated itself so strongly – perhaps its appearance there resembles natural neon signs which show different colors depending on which chemicals make up its materials?

Humans have long taken advantage of the glowing properties of plants and animals to their benefit. Glowing fungi were once employed by indigenous tribes to guide them through dense jungle terrain while fireflies provided early safety lamps for miners. Today, bioluminescence technology is being researched as part of green energy applications; researchers hope that algae such as Aliivibrio fischeri could one day replace traditional street lighting as part of this greener technology initiative.

Staying at Cable Beach Club Resort and Spa makes arranging a camel train ride an easy process. Just meet up with one of the guides north of the rocks on Cable Beach, who’ll lead you through sand dunes until reaching the beach itself, where blue camels sit near rocky outcrops for your scenic journey.

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Watch the Sunset

Cable Beach’s signature experience is its sunset over Roebuck Bay. As the last rays of sunlight illuminate Roebuck Bay and illuminate red cliffs with various hues, it truly offers one of the most unforgettable scenes in Western Australia.

Broome is a pearling town with an abundant Aboriginal history, and its picturesque scenery has charmed visitors from across Australia and overseas alike. The white beaches and clear blue waters boast some of the best sunset views in Australia and can be appreciated any time during the day.

Broome offers some great spots for watching sunset, with Cable Beach providing one such venue. Cable Beach, an expansive 22km (14.0 mi) stretch of white sand fringing Roebuck Bay and named for an undersea telegraph cable stretching from Java to Broome that washed ashore here in 1889 being among them.

While beach visits can take place any time of year, for maximum enjoyment it is best to go during the dry season from May to October when weather is typically warm and sunny. Wet season visits between November and April should also be taken into consideration but may experience more rain and humidity.

At Cable Beach, one of the most iconic activities is taking a camel ride along the beach while watching the sun set. Tour operators provide this activity and it provides a relaxing way to take in this breathtaking sight.

Visit Cable Beach’s Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park to experience up close some of the region’s unique wildlife, which will not only make for an exciting visit, but will also teach your entire family more about Kimberley ecosystem. This activity is suitable for everyone!

Visitors to Cable Beach during summer months can also witness an extraordinary natural event known as The Staircase to the Moon, which occurs several days each month on Roebuck Bay during full moon. Tidal flats exposed at this spot give an appearance of a staircase rising upward towards the sky – creating an amazing spectacle and drawing visitors from all around. This spectacle attracts thousands of tourists annually!

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Catch a Show

Visit Cable Beach by day is incredible; experiencing it at night is unforgettable. At nightfall, this scenic beach comes alive with an ethereal blue-tinted glow due to a chemical reaction between marine plankton and sunlight emitting powerful luminosities from Roebuck Bay tidal flats and low tide causing optical illusions like stairs appearing to ascend towards the moon from March through October sunsets; locals flock here as live music fills the shore as they witness this breathtaking natural spectacle!

At Cable Beach, evening highlights of an enjoyable stay include watching the sun set over the horizon while strolling along its boardwalk and visiting its many pearl shops. There are also restaurants in this area serving local delicacies such as crocodile skewers and mud crab dishes; you could also enjoy cocktails or champagne at Zanders, an elegant Thai restaurant featuring stunning outdoor seating space.

Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park offers visitors an evening attraction like no other, offering visitors a range of native animals in their natural settings – including saltwater and freshwater crocodiles! Renowned for its conservation efforts as well as educational tours with these fascinating creatures, this park also provides encounters.

Cable Beach boasts an assortment of lodging options for every budget imaginable, from hostels and guest houses to luxurious resorts. To book the best room at competitive rates and reserve it early online is best, but alternatively a shuttle bus service operates between the airport and beach for easy travel convenience.

Are you searching for an unforgettable Cable Beach experience? Consider booking a helicopter flight, which will take you over Gantheaume Point, Willie Creek, the beach itself and offer stunning panoramic views from above. Additionally, this flight comes complete with appetizers and champagne to celebrate any special event such as proposing or an anniversary.