Discovering the Beauty of Broome – A Comprehensive Guide


Discovering the Beauty of Broome A Comprehensive Guide

Broome (Rubibi) is an oasis where ancient and modern worlds collide. Experience the “Staircase to the Moon” illusion when gazing upon Roebuck Bay’s mudflats from Town Beach; or explore more remote beaches for possible footprints from dinosaurs!

Explore Broome’s rich cultural history at bustling market stalls or take refuge in one of its Buddhist monasteries; this comprehensive guide will show you all its attractions!

1. Visit the Kimberley Wildlife Park

Kimberley is one of Australia’s most remote and rugged regions, boasting stunning gorges, waterfalls and wildlife aplenty as well as luxury outback retreats and some of the world’s oldest rock art. Experience its wonders during a mangrove cruise at Narlijia to hear bush tucker stories while viewing indigenous animal species in their natural environment, or on an evening beach outing at Cable Beach; make time also to visit Mitchell Falls: tiered waterfalls carved into sandstone terraces create mesmerising emerald pools – not to be missed!

National parks showcase the region’s abundant natural beauty and provide numerous activities. Hunt down majestic saltwater crocodiles at one of several crocodile farms or go on an educational walking tour to discover ancient Wandijina Petroglyphs at Montgomery Reef or get up close and personal with Short-Eared Rock Wallabies along the rugged coastal cliffs and hills.

Windjana, Tunnel Creek and Geikie Gorges are among the many national parks available in the Kimberley. Or you could visit Mirima – known for its 300 million year old sandstone formations – often called a mini Bungle Bungles. Conservation reserves and private cattle stations also boast many gorges and waterfalls which you can discover by working with a tour company that tailors their trip specifically to you – they will suggest the optimal time of year and offer local tips that ensure an unforgettable experience in Kimberley.

2. Take a Camel Ride

Camels have long been associated with Western Australia and Broome in particular, and are an extremely popular tourist draw for visitors to this region. It’s no secret why; camel rides offer both fun experiences and unique ways to explore Cable Beach. There are various camel tour operators located within Broome with each offering its own pricing structure and session times; read up online reviews before booking to make the best choice for yourself!

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Broome Camel Safaris is one of the premier camel tours available in Broome, with multiple session times to meet travelers’ schedules and an “Broome Camels in Blue” tour for travelers interested in getting up close and personal with these majestic animals while learning their history and culture.

This company is an excellent choice for large groups and bus tours, offering morning, afternoon, or sunset camel tours – each lady will even get a pair of freshwater pearl earrings after her ride! Their friendly guides are more than happy to assist in crafting an ideal tour experience.

Red Sun Camel Tours can easily be identified on Cable Beach by their bright red saddle blankets adorning their camels. The operator offers morning, sunset and 30-minute pre-sunset rides daily with a weight limit per seat to protect these gentle animals’ wellbeing.

3. Visit the Staircase to the Moon

Broome offers visitors an idyllic natural environment from March to October, boasting turquoise waters, vibrant red ochre cliffs and unsurpassed outdoor adventures. Furthermore, its diverse wildlife includes thousands of migratory birds, dolphins and turtles inhabiting Roebuck Bay; preserved fossil footprints along its coast as well as dinosaur footprints preserved within reef rock.

An unforgettable experience awaits on a Staircase to the Moon cruise aboard a 25-metre catamaran sailing past Cable Beach’s spectacular sunset. This magical optical illusion occurs when the full moon rises over exposed tidal flats during very low tide, creating the appearance of a staircase leading upward. Visibility ranges between two and three nights each month.

Western Australia boasts several spots offering this phenomenon, but none can rival Broome for its extraordinary experience. This is due to the combination of conditions that create this illusion – an alignment between sun, moon, Roebuck Bay’s low tide mudflats and other factors – being unique only here.

Experienced Broome visitors may want to join local markets held at Town Beach each Staircase to the Moon night for even more shopping and sampling experiences. Narlijia Tours’ Bart Pigram, an experienced Yawuru Aboriginal man with expertise in telling Broome’s and Kimberley’s history through guided tours is another fantastic addition.

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4. Visit the Japanese Cemetery

Broome’s coastal landscape evokes the mysterious and vibrant world of Aboriginal culture, offering visitors a memorable cultural experience. Accompanied by a local Yawuru guide such as Bart Pigram on a Narlijia (translated as ‘true for you”) tour, hear traditional Dreamtime tales, modern tales from life in Broome as well as spot snubfin dolphins, dugongs, turtles or manta rays on morning or sunset cruises!

Broome’s vibrant pearling history drew people of different cultures together to its town. Discover their contributions by taking a heritage tour or visiting the museum. Roebuck Bay provides shelter for migrating birds while Gantheaume Point features low tide beach areas where fossilized footprints of dinosaurs have been unearthed.

Broome’s Japanese Cemetery provides the opportunity to pay respect to one’s ancestors with over 900 colourful sandstone tombstones commemorating Japanese pearlers – part of its cultural experience and an essential component.

Kajipon Marco Zangetsu is a cultural researcher and self-styled “grave pilgrim”. Over 33 years, he has visited 101 countries to visit gravesites of notable cultural figures he admires – as part of his Haka maira Kajipon no sekai ongakuka junreiki website he keeps an extensive record of photos and stories about each site visited. Due to pandemic concerns he’s found travel difficult even within Japan; he hopes one day soon he can set sail again!

5. Visit the Broome Visitor Centre

Broome’s beautiful beaches and natural environment attract tourists from around the world, drawing in turquoise waters, chocolate-colored sand and vibrant red soil – hallmarks of its tropical charm – along with an eclectic crowd made up of families, retirees, artists and millionaires alike.

Discover Broome with a visit to the Broome Visitor Centre, offering expert local advice. Skilled consultants will assist in planning your trip and booking tours or accommodation; town maps can also be picked up as souvenirs at their gift shop.

Explore the pearling industry that helped establish Broome on a tour of Willie Creek Pearl Farm, learning about oysters and seeing cultured pearls being produced. After your tour, experience an unforgettable sunset at Cable Beach while marvelling at Staircase to the Moon: an extraordinary natural phenomenon occurring each full moon when its light illuminates Roebuck Bay’s mudflats, creating the illusion of stairs leading up to heaven.

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For those interested in Aboriginal art, galleries are scattered along Short Street and Yane Sotiroski; to appreciate local landscapes captured in photographs at Broome Courthouse Garden Gallery is another option; in addition, fashion and jewelry items can be found at Town Beach Reserve’s bustling Sunday market; there’s even plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants offering fresh seafood and other produce!

6. Visit the Gantheaume Point

Gantheaume Point in Broome is an irreplaceable experience. With its red sandstone cliffs and coastline featuring 130-million-year-old dinosaur footprints visible at low tide, these historical marvels stand as testaments to life on our planet – created when sea creatures pushed up sand particles from underneath their feet – leaving their prints behind for future generations to experience.

Gantheaume Point can be visited independently or as part of an organized tour, many including walks that feature dinosaur footprints as well as other areas of interest in Broome’s rugged terrain. Some tours focus on Indigenous culture in Broome, providing you with insight into its history and meaning through conversations with local Yawuru (people who reside there) guides.

Gantheaume Point offers other ways of exploring, such as taking a camel ride at sunset for an unforgettable experience that lets you see its stunning beach from a different viewpoint and sip champagne as the sun sets over Roebuck Bay.

For a unique view of Gantheaume Point’s natural beauty, embark on a guided stargazing trip during Broome’s dry season skies. The star-filled night sky here is unlike any other, making this perfect for witnessing Roebuck Bay and its mudflats erupt in glorious displays of light each time the full moon strikes; these displays of light are known as Staircase to the Moon!