Exploring Broome’s Pearl Farms


Visit a pearl farm for an educational or shopping experience to purchase beautiful strands of pearls or learn about its history in Broome. Join this full day tour and discover its fascinating past as well as how to craft pearl necklaces!

Includes hotel pickup, Pearl Luggers high tea & Discover Broome tour.

Willie Creek Pearl Farm

Come experience modern pearl farming at its finest at Willie Creek Pearl Farm and gain a behind-the-scenes perspective of modern pearl cultivation by oyster farmers, creating some of the world’s most stunning gems. Learn the anatomy of Pinctada maxima oysters, how nacre forms into pearls and how best in class pearls are identified at harvest time; witness an oyster be harvested two years in its making to reveal a treasure of an pearl not known until then!

Visit live oysters in their natural environment and engage in an insightful pearling masterclass; all while taking part in this unforgettable tour. Suitable for people of all ages and experience levels alike – don’t miss it when in Broome!

Willie Creek Pearls is an authentic family business which has won multiple tourism awards over time. Offering one of the world’s complete pearl experiences with an emphasis on education and inspiring thousands of visitors annually to discover more about pearling in Western Australia’s past and present.

Self-drive tours in Broome are an excellent way to maximize your time in town, and allow you to take full advantage of enjoying breakfast or afternoon tea on an authentic farm. However, be prepared for changing road conditions; 4WD vehicles are highly recommended.

Combine both tours to fully experience pearl culture. Doing this will save 15% off of both tours’ total costs!

This package is ideal for couples or families wanting to maximize their stay in Broome, including accommodation and meals – offering maximum relaxation at their own pace.

Indian Pacific’s full-size coach and hotel packages from Sydney to Perth feature legendary train journey across the Nullarbor Plain and all-inclusive touring in both cities, allowing guests to discover Margaret River, Pinnacles Desert, Swan River, Cable Beach sunset camel ride, Willie Creek Pearl Farm and Dampier Peninsula among many other gems of Perth and Broome.

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Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm

Pearl farms can be fascinating places to visit; their delicate science demands hard work. One by-product of that hard work is delicious meat resembling scallop with its texture similar to calamari. Over the last four years, this pearl farm has evolved and expanded, giving tourists access to experience pearling first-hand as they stay in wonderful accommodations such as cottages or safari tents and visit its outstanding restaurant and cafe.

Since 1946, the Brown family have run Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm with unprecedented openness to guests – opening up their village and accommodation options such as powered campsites to luxurious safari tents. Overnight guests can take part in tours offered during their stay as well as dine at their on-site restaurant.

Take the fast boat tour for an unparalleled way to experience Dampier Peninsula and witness its astonishing rapid tidal movements which produce Horizontal Falls – truly an experience you won’t soon forget! And enjoy one of nature’s greatest beauty spots in an unparalleled world environment.

Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm may not be an easy place to access from Broome; however, the journey is well worth your while for its breathtaking nature and unique culture.

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Discover Broome Tour

Broome offers many opportunities for exploration of both its history and natural landscape, but taking a tour can give you an insider’s view. No matter if your interests lie with pearling history or natural landscapes – there’s sure to be something suitable on any tour in Broome!

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No visit to Broome would be complete without walking along Gantheaume Point’s spectacular red sands. Here, you’ll be treated to views of dinosaur footprints, clear waters for swimming or walking along its cliff section with magnificent aqua blue ocean colors all around you.

While in Broome, make sure to visit Sun Pictures, the world’s oldest outdoor cinema and enjoy its charming ambience while sipping on some delicious popcorn! Additionally, Broome hosts numerous interesting attractions, including Japanese Cemetery with hundreds of graves of brave sailors who died due to divers paralysis or cyclones at sea; plus there’s the 3.5 metre crystal sitting Buddha which serves as a center for reflection, meditation or yoga practice!

Dampier Terrace provides an interactive history lesson about pearling in Broome from its origins on luggers to today. Additionally, Jetty to Jetty heritage trail offers an easy 3.4 km walk that passes by all major attractions between Streeter’s Jetty and Old Town Jetty.

Bart Pigram offers Narlijia tours that provide visitors with an experience more cultural than tourism-based. Narlijia means “true for you”, reflecting Bart’s passion for sharing all aspects of Broome life.

Moontide Distillery offers Pearler’s Gin made with oyster mantle. Matso’s Brewery also offers beer tastings of its ginger beer and tropical varieties like chilli mango IPA. For those seeking indulgences there are numerous luxurious restaurants around town where one can relax over dinner and sunset views.

Pearl Luggers

Broome’s stunning beaches and breathtaking sunsets are well-known, but this coastal town also has a rich pearling tradition that you will be fascinated to learn more about during this 1.5 hour tour of Roebuck Bay’s Dampier Creek at Pearl Luggers. Enjoy fascinating guided commentary as history unfolds before your very eyes as 150 years of pearling history are unraveled amongst its mangroves, while being transported back in time to an era when courageous individuals lived lives full of danger, fortune and adventure both on and off of water!

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Pearling was once an extremely profitable industry that operated fleets of over 400 luggers to transport divers in search of mother-of-pearl shell. While this wealth-creation was symbolism enough, pearling also proved dangerous and cruel; many lost their lives due to cyclones, accidents during pearl diving or disease; this led to Eighty Mile Beach becoming known as ‘The Vast Pearling Gravyard’.

On this tour, you’ll have an opportunity to see two of the last remaining pearling luggers: Sam Male and DMcD, which have now been restored and moored at Pearl Luggers with a newly constructed tidal jetty for accessing them. Explore their interiors as you learn first-hand what equipment was used by pearlers during hard hat diving days until modern drift diving methods took hold today.

Discover the cultural legacy of pearling, which brought Asian culture to northern Australia long before White Australia policy was formalised. Pearling crews were often composed of Japanese, Malaysian and Filipino workers outnumbering local Aboriginals and Europeans in number.

One such crew member was Arthur Auguste, who arrived from Greece and settled in Broome in the 1800s. As one of its prominent pearling figures, Arthur Auguste helped establish Paspaley pearl dynasty – now one of the largest and most esteemed pearling companies worldwide.

While you’re there, don’t miss the opportunity to experience a taste of this rare and luxurious delicacy made from fresh pearl meat harvested from Pinctada maxima oysters harvested at Willie Creek Pearl Farm and made available through Pearl Luggers tours. Enjoy a complimentary sampling as part of your Pearl Luggers tour experience!