Broome’s Delicious Seafood Scene


Cable Beach, commonly referred to as the gateway to Kimberley, boasts an eclectic blend of Indigenous, Malay, Indonesian and Chinese influences which is evident in its cuisine. You’ll be sure to find delicious contemporary Australian dishes such as shiitake mushroom bao buns or eggplant parmigiana while taking in its breathtaking sunset views!

Visit Matso’s Brewery & Restaurant is an essential Broome bucket-list experience. Try their famous ginger beer and chilli beer, or something more substantial like their Adobo share taco plate for something tasty to drink or nibble on from their menu.

Bali Hai Cafe

Tiki Restaurant of Tahiti draws its inspiration from island cultures of Tahiti to Polynesia, inviting guests to experience sensual escapes full of exotic pleasures. Their menu boasts rich and exotic items like Lobster Wontons, Chicken of the Gods and Kailua Pork Loin along with their world renowned Mai Tai’s!

Bali Hai has long been synonymous with the sea. Boasting a boat dock out back and surrounded by water, they specialize in WA seafood such as oysters, blue swimmer crab spring rolls and garlic prawns – not forgetting an enjoyable contemporary atmosphere that allows diners to choose between inside dining and out on their deck area!

Broome boasts over 57 languages spoken, so its food reflects this diversity. Sample a taste of Broome at one of its markets such as Broome Courthouse Markets or Staircase to the Moon Night Markets from June-October or try some local Indigenous cuisine at Mayi Harvests, an Aboriginal Australian enterprise led by Djugun Elder Patricia “Mamanyjun” Torres which provides cultural workshops, Welcome to Country ceremonies and wedding blessing services as well as delicious bush foods!

Bali Hai offers stunning oceanfront Mai Tais for any momentous event, but be aware that its iconic goofy tiki head may have seen better days with wood rot and remains something of an enigma. Early matchbook covers from both Balboa and Corona del Mar franchises refer to him as either “the Goof” or “Opu”. Perhaps all that delicious seafood at Bali Hai has made his belly expand too much?

Salty Plum Social Small Bar Walking Tours provide a relaxed al fresco bar setting perfect for viewing breathtaking sunsets over Cable Beach with a beer in hand, offering rotating food truck menus as well. Chris and Robyn Maher of Salty Plum Social offer unique perspectives of Chinatown and Town Beach Precinct through Salty Plum Social Small Bar Walking Tours; for even more information join Salty Plum Social Tours to gain more knowledge.

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The Bay Club

The Bay Club, situated in one of Broome’s picturesque bays, is a must-visit for seafood lovers. Offering fresh, high-quality seafood from across Australia such as mud crab, scallops and tuna dishes served alongside delicious sauces and sides such as zesty cucumber salad or spicy paprika potato potatoes, The Bay Club offers something deliciously fresh for visitors of Broome’s most picturesque bay.

Broome’s restaurant scene is making waves for more than its seafood – local producers are taking advantage of the region’s abundant produce to craft gourmet dishes. If you’re in Broome every Saturday morning, the Courthouse Markets should not be missed! For handmade jewellery and local produce to take back home as souvenirs, visit one of the pearl showrooms or boutiques around town or tour one of its farms for something truly memorable!

As part of its pearling boom, mass migration brought with it culinary diversity influenced by Asian influence to this town’s offerings; including numerous Asian-influenced restaurants as well as bars offering quality beers and cocktails.

Papa Fuego is a relatively recent addition to Broome’s dining scene and brings a South American concept eatery with it, which brings with it class and elegance. Their kitchen serves up flame-grilled Argentinian steaks alongside street food offerings like empanadas and grilled squid, while there are some lighter classic dishes too!

Mr Saigon serves up authentic Vietnamese food that’s beloved among locals for its hearty portion sizes. Try their rice paper rolls, beef Thai salad and pho; or for something different try an Adobo Share Taco Plate!

Short St Cafe, a relaxed breakfast and coffee spot located in Chinatown, has recently joined Broome’s dining scene. A favorite choice among visitors are long lunches, special celebrations and simply taking in its tropical surroundings – its loaded conti roll (an irresistibly satisfying combination of bacon, sausage, mushroom cheese tomato on a milk bun) is an appealing feature of its menu.

Matso’s Brewery in Broome offers craft beer enthusiasts an unforgettable experience, as Australia’s most remote brewery. But don’t let its remote location fool you – this rustic family-run brewery packs in plenty of flavour, including mango beer and chilli ginger ale which prove particularly refreshing during an Australian heatwave. There’s also wine, liqueurs and cider available to pair perfectly with any meal!

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Mr Saigon

Broome’s food scene is remarkably varied for such a tropical town, boasting Asian, Italian and modern Australian restaurants of varying origins and cuisine styles. Thanks to Broome’s pearling history, Japanese, Chinese and Malaysian influences are intertwined with fresh seafood on many menus; Mr Saigon restaurant in Chinatown stands out as an exceptional venue where diners can sample local cuisine with multi-ethnic flavours while enjoying cultural experiences outside the mainstream path.

Mr Saigon’s main dining area can be found on a bustling street, while its back of house resides in an underground kitchen where chefs prepare the food that guests will then enjoy in style on outdoor tables. Tony took advantage of Tony being in the neighborhood to indulge in banh xeo (shrimp and pork-filled pancakes), whole sparrows complete with their feet and wings served whole, banh mi (shrimp-filled crepes), as well as snail noodle soup.

DMK, Broome’s top destination for Asian food, is an immensely popular lunch spot that mixes Balinese street food with Indian influences – particularly its signature curries like beef rendang and panang. Their teppanyaki-style chicken and beef dishes, along with signature curries such as panang and rendang are highly coveted among regulars.

Broome’s dining scene has undergone an exciting renaissance of late, featuring Italian, South American, and more cuisines. Jack’s Restaurant & Bar at Eco Beach Wilderness Retreat regularly appears on Australia’s Top 50 Restaurant list and is well known for offering family-style meals such as fresh seafood dishes or hearty mains like lamb ribs with roasted pumpkin and potato.

Craft beer and spirits have seen an upsurge in Broome recently, with various bars and breweries offering delicious drinks. Matso’s Broome Brewery, located within one of Broome’s heritage buildings, provides visitors with cold beers along with slow-cooked dishes for visitors to enjoy.

Moontide Distillery in Broome is another shining example of Western Australia’s remarkable spirits and beverages renaissance. This remote distillery produces an impressive range of gin cocktails using real oyster mantle and native bush botanicals for an outstanding selection. A tour is an excellent opportunity to sample their drinks while learning more about this extraordinary industry in Western Australia.

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Zookeepers is an institution in Broome and an ideal spot for locals, offering casual yet cool dining overlooking Cable Beach. Experience its lively Friday night parties as well as relaxing Sunday sessions hosted by its welcoming staff, with excellent contemporary fare such as duck ravioli and crab arancini balls on its menu – not forgetting its incredible breakfast selection of eggs benedict, blueberry pancakes or soft-shell crab burger.

Broome offers an eclectic culinary scene, blending Asian, Italian and modern Australian fare inspired by its pearling heritage and coastal location. Japanese, Chinese and Malaysian flavours pair beautifully with fresh seafood as well as indigenous ingredients like finger limes, macadamia nuts and marron.

Broome’s rich culinary legacy can be experienced at its vibrant markets. Don’t miss visiting Courthouse Markets every Saturday morning (June to September) and Chinatown Markets Thursday nights from June through September; local chefs are known to use local ingredients in their dishes such as macadamias and marrons at Rambutan, Thai curries at Aarli or even satay at Cairo Cafe!

Moontide Distillery, a recently established distillery in Broome, has gained immense popularity thanks to their signature oyster mantle-infused gin. They offer tours and tastings so visitors can learn more about their process as well as sample their offerings.

Riding a camel at sunset on Cable Beach is an iconic Broome experience; though somewhat touristy, few experiences can rival seeing the sparkling Indian Ocean recede into the distance. Other must-do activities in Broome include exploring its rich history at museums and cultural centres or taking a scenic flight over Kimberley National Park; for thrill-seekers there’s fishing or visiting remote wilderness of North Coast for adventure; cruise along idyllic coastal scenery or stroll world-famous gardens to fully experience nature at its best!