Broome’s DIY Pearl Jewellery Workshops


Pearl jewellery is truly special; it brings out the exquisite beauty of nature’s precious gems while honoring her wonders.

Pearling attracted people from around the globe during the late 19th and 20th century. European luggers brought Aboriginal skin divers and indentured workers from Asia aboard European luggers for this dangerous work, which claimed many lives.

1. Willie Creek Pearl Farm

Broome once known as the Pearl Capital of the World and Willie Creek was its ideal growing environment, producing world renowned South Sea pearls known for their lustre. You can witness first-hand how pearls are grown at Willie Creek Pearl Farm which lies 38km north of Broome.

Willie Creek Pearls is one of Australia’s leading pearl farms and is committed to offering unique tourism, retail and hospitality experiences for their visitors. Their team are passionate about every aspect of their business from shell production through showroom design; upholding ethical pearl farming.

Willie Creek Pearls offers guests an exciting cultured pearling experience like no other, with live oysters being seeded and drilled to produce pearls in their natural environment. Additionally, an elegant showroom features handmade original jewellery including Pearls from Broome, Kimberley diamonds, and Western Australian gold.

Visitors to Willie Creek Pearls can experience the ultimate pearling adventure with a half-day tour. This includes morning or afternoon tea with homemade damper and a cruise along Willie Creek – plus you’ll learn all about pearling while taking in breathtaking water views and lush vegetation of this region!

Pearl Luggers tours provide a fascinating introduction to pearl grading and valuation using the Five Virtues of Pearls: shape, size, colour, complexion, and lustre. You will also get the chance to sample fresh ‘Don’, a delicious treat crafted from freshly harvested Pinctada maxima oyster pearl meat exclusively available through Pearl Luggers tours.

Willie Creek Pearls offers an unforgettable experience for pearl buyers or those simply interested in learning about them, whether serious collectors or simply curious. Here you’ll get to experience first-hand this extraordinary gem that hails from an exclusive part of Australia.

2. Pinctada Pearl Farm

Pinctada Pearl Farm offers visitors an unforgettable pearling experience from start to finish. Get acquainted with oysters that produce these magnificent gems, as well as how pearl shell is used in button manufacturing, cutlery handles and buckle production and furniture inlay applications. As Australia’s oldest cultured pearling company, there’s sure to be plenty of fascinating history and knowledge surrounding the industry here!

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Broome’s pearling industry is inextricably linked with Broome. Here, the first Australian South Sea Pearls were ever created, and today their cultivation takes place across various shapes such as round, near-round, button drop oval and free form shaped pearls with lustrous surface qualities and an iridescent sheen that make them ready for jewellery making right out of their oyster home.

Pearls are harvested from the Pinctada margaritifera or black-lipped oyster, known for its aphrodisiac properties. Pearls are grown here by inserting a small bead crafted from shell (known as a nucleus) into an oyster and coating it with layers of nacreous aragonite in concentric rings – eventually growing into mature pearls which can then be harvested and sold onto local jewellery markets.

Pinctada maxima oysters are another method used for cultivating pearls here, using their abductor muscle as part of the pearling process and producing pearls as an by-product that are eaten as an aphrodisiac food in some countries. Most South Sea pearls are obtained this way; however, it doesn’t produce as high-grade pearls.

Visit pearl producers is the best way to understand how pearls are created and ensure you’re purchasing genuine, genuine product. Many boutiques in Chinatown will have pearl producers as retailers who can assist in selecting an ideal pearl that best meets your needs; these businesses may be biased towards producing pearls themselves but that can actually work to your benefit, providing advice tailored specifically towards pearls they specialize in producing that are suitable for you.

3. Broome Jewellery Studio

Pearl jewellery workshops offer an enjoyable way to craft your very own masterpiece. Broome’s pure water and ideal climate provide the ideal conditions for cultivating beautiful pearls; some of these pearls take years to form before finally emerging as gem-quality pearls that you can make into rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants yourself in these workshops. Plus it’s educational too – plus completely customisable.

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Cable Beach Pearl Shaping and Setting Workshop is located in Cable Beach and will teach you the fundamentals of pearl shaping and setting through hands-on practical sessions. In addition, this is also a fantastic place to gain knowledge on pearl history as well as fascinating gem facts! Suitable for beginners through experts alike – the course includes all materials necessary and you get to keep your masterpiece!

Broome is known for producing world-class pearls in the pristine waters of Kimberley Coast, making this destination world-renowned. Luxury jewellery and accessories can also be found here, making Broome an excellent place to buy pearls in Australia with its extensive array of jewellery stores and boutiques offering them for purchase – whether that means single pearl or an entire strand!

Argyle Diamonds are another specialty of Western Australia. The Argyle diamond mine, located in northern Western Australia, has been producing this gem for more than four decades – it’s famous for both its color and clarity and often chosen as engagement rings.

Broome offers visitors the Argyle Diamond experience as well, with tours that allow visitors to visit an operating mine and learn about how precious stones are transformed through various processes – you’ll even have an opportunity to view some rough diamonds that will soon be ready for cutting and polishing!

Broome may be most famous for its pearls and diamonds, but there’s much more to this captivating town than meets the eye. Boasting a rich heritage, varied culture, and plenty of moving stories that touch upon people from different walks of life, there’s sure to be something here that everyone will find enjoyable.

4. Broome Jewellery Workshop

Broome Jewellery Workshop in Cable Beach offers an exceptional pearl jewellery shopping experience, providing customers with an assortment of pearl jewellery for sale as well as the option to custom design their own piece. In addition, other gemstones and precious metals such as gold can also be purchased here, making Broome Jewellery Workshop an excellent place for finding an unforgettable present for someone special in your life.

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Pearls are one of nature’s most exquisite and durable gems. Long beloved for their lustrous sheen and natural beauty, pearls have long been used in jewelry since their introduction centuries ago. Due to being extremely resilient and long lasting, pearls make an excellent investment choice that lasts generations. And their variety of shapes, sizes, colours, sizes and versatility makes them suitable for use across a variety of genres of wearable art – they really do make stunning additions!

Pearl necklaces are one of the most frequently worn forms of pearl jewelry. Necklaces can be created using various types of pearls such as freshwater and cultured pearls; when selecting yours it is important to select a quality pearl to ensure both beauty and longevity of use. If you want the best chance at finding your ideal necklace visit a jeweller that specializes exclusively in pearls; their experts will give impartial advice while helping you choose an ideal piece for yourself.

Pearls can also be used to craft earrings and rings, which makes a pearl ring an excellent way for men who want to add some elegance to their look. A pearl ring makes an excellent statement piece and complements both formal and casual wear alike; plus it makes a wonderful present!

Broome is Australia’s premier pearling town and boasts an illustrious pearling history and culture. Due to its climate and location on the edge of a continental shelf, Broome produces some of the highest-grade pearls found anywhere. Furthermore, many fine jewellery stores offering quality pearls can be found within the Chinatown district of Broome.