Broome’s Marine Life Encounters


Broomes Marine Life Encounters Dolphins Turtles and More

Roebuck Bay cruises provide the ideal chance to spot rare snubfin dolphins, with crew members trained and knowledgeable of dolphin habits increasing your odds of seeing one.

Broome Whale Watching’s Snubfin Dolphin Eco Cruise offers convenient pick up services from various locations around town to provide an unforgettable experience and witness these magnificent animals in their natural environment. Create unforgettable memories during this memorable tour!

Roebuck Bay Snubfin Dolphin Cruise

Roebuck Bay’s waters are abundant with marine wildlife, making this eco-friendly cruise an unforgettable experience. Run by Broome Whale Watching, this trip will allow you to spot everything from three species of dolphins and turtles, to dugongs.

As you cruise along, a marine biologist provides insightful commentary about the area’s abundant natural history and inhabitants – enriching your experience with invaluable knowledge. A selection of onboard snacks are also provided to enhance comfort and enjoyment on this exciting voyage.

This cruise offers the ideal opportunity to spot rare snubfin dolphins, which make their homes in Australia’s Kimberley region. Additionally, you may see green turtles Chelonia mydas, hawksbills Eretmochelys imbricatus and loggerhead Caretta caretta; manta rays; eagle rays; shore birds and dugongs are often also visible on these excursions.

The snubfin dolphin stands out among other aquatic life due to its absence of beak and ability to bend its neck into crevices, enabling it to capture squid, which it then consumes by spraying water onto them and sucking them up with its mouth. These intelligent, slow-moving mammals make for fascinating viewing!

Snubfin dolphins can also swim very deep waters and dive for long periods, often following sharks to create an unforgettable experience for passengers.

Boom netting, or “bum netting”, is an exciting activity whereby riders securely ride within the edges of a large net attached to the rear of a boat. Our vessel ‘Orcaella’ will gently cruise along Roebuck Bay before inviting passengers onto its net; once inside you can hold on tight and let it carry you across the water! Boom netting adds extra adventure and excitement to any dolphin tour; subject to weather conditions this can add even more thrills and spills!

Snubfin Dolphin Cruises are an essential experience when visiting Broome. Book online to include return transfers from most addresses within Broome or meet at one of its central meeting points.

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Mangrove Walk

The mysterious mangrove forest is home to an abundance of animal species including birds, frogs, fish and reptiles and provides refuge from strong winds and tidal surges. While much of its original ecosystem has been lost due to development over time, its remaining forests still play an integral part in marine and terrestrial ecosystems alike and rank among one of the greatest natural wonders on Earth.

Sarasota Bayfront Park’s Mangrove Walk provides visitors with ecological placemaking experiences as part of an effort to restore its health and function. Opened late 2021, this 10-acre first phase features restored wetland areas and kayak launches with seating elements within cabbage palm and oak groves as well as an overpass that spans the mangrove bayou.

At dusk, join a guided tour through mangrove forests and hunt for hidden creatures hidden by darkness. Our passionate guides will share their knowledge about this fascinating ecosystem while giving advice about what to watch out for and what signs may appear along your route.

Alternatively, for an exciting maritime experience, take to the waters with stand-up paddleboard or kayak and discover its uncharted bays, beaches and islands around a national park. Here you’ll discover an abundance of marine life such as dolphins, sea turtles and sea birds!

The park serves as the Emirate’s first self-contained, family-friendly mangrove destination, situated in Al Khor. Equipped with walkways that enable visitors to experience mangrove forests up close while providing education about their role as biodiversity hotspots and carbon sinks, visitors are given an immersive experience.

Walking across floating walkways above water provides the ideal vantage point to observe marine wildlife and mangroves, offering amazing views of fish, crustaceans, reptiles and trees – including various kinds of fish species, crustaceans and reptiles! Admire each species you spot!

Rowley Shoals Marine Park

Rowley Shoals Marine Park is an idyllic marine location teeming with abundant marine life in an exquisite setting. Situated 260 kilometers west of Broome, it features three coral reef atolls sitting atop one of the world’s widest continental shelves and shallow lagoons sheltered by diverse reef systems and marine life; visibility reaches 60 metres or more! A visit here should not be missed!

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Rowley Shoals can best be experienced through a liveaboard cruise out of Broome. Your vessel will navigate past Mermaid Reef and Clerke Reef – two stunning dive sites at Rowley Shoals that boast spectacular dive sites like Mermaid Reef. Atolls such as these rise up from the depths, creating vast walls of coral atolls covered by tropical waters ideal for diving or snorkeling adventures.

These unspoiled reefs are home to over 200 species of coral and 700 varieties of fish – some that don’t exist elsewhere – as well as schools of trevallies, manta rays, sea turtles and schooling fish such as coral trout, clownfish and humphead parrotfish as well as unique endemic species like giant potato cod and Maori wrasse that don’t occur elsewhere. You might find schools of trevallies, manta rays and sea turtles swimming among these reefs while schools of trevallies trevallies school upstreamenting these magnificent waters with schools of trevallies among schools of schooling fish species such as coral trout schools of schools of fish species such as coral trout or manta rays among emerald green waters; schools of schools of trevallies among shallow crystal-clear lagoons like nature’s swimming pools! Reefs also boast small marine life such as nudibranchs to various fish species such as coral trout or even unique endemics such as giant Potato Cod or Maori Wrasse.

Diving Rowley Shoals is a treat for the eyes, with coral in every hue imaginable adorning reefs in every hue imaginable, along with huge soft coral colonies lining them. The water here is alive with marine life of all sorts – not to mention an incredible diversity of marine life on display! There is an impressive variety of dive sites to explore on your liveaboard cruise and these might include drift dives, protected lagoons, walls or caves as well as night dives where reefs come alive at night time!

Rowley Shoals is an isolated marine park, visited only by select liveaboard cruises each year, giving divers an exclusive experience exploring one of Australia’s untouched dive locations. Your liveaboard will typically allow for full exploration of this remarkable marine park!

Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park

Roebuck Bay provides you with the chance to discover a vibrant marine world, offering interaction with slow moving, snub fin dolphins from Broome. Marvel at these gentle creatures with rounded noses and permanent smiles as they search for food in this natural habitat. In addition, the park houses reptiles such as American alligators and crocodiles, tortoises, skinks, geckos, Komodo dragons, monitor lizards as well as native birds, fish species and turtles; plus it plays an instrumental role in collecting snake and spider venom that ultimately helps save many lives.

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Roebuck Bay’s picturesque landscapes serve as home for migrating humpback whales during their annual migration through Roebuck Bay. Come close to these majestic mammals on an afternoon whale watching cruise and learn their unique behaviors from a trained marine biologist guide. Listen for whale song using hydrophone and look out for sea snakes as you listen!

Broome’s famous Cable Beach is an essential experience when visiting this part of Western Australia and can best be enjoyed during sunset, when Red Sun Camels or Broome Camel Safaris provide leisurely rides on camels for leisurely camel rides along this pristine white sand beach with incredible ocean views. At low tide, an amazing optical illusion called the “staircase to the moon” occurs as full moon appears over low-tide mudflats creating the iconic staircase-to-moon effect.

Take a guided tour of Broome and uncover its history as an early pearling town, its indigenous culture, swashbuckling buccaneers, colonial grandeur and Japanese pearl divers through bus, tram or motortrike tours. Visit the Broome Museum to gain further insights into local wildlife and history through displays like dinosaur footprints, recreated pearling village replicas, Japanese artwork/artifact displays as well as historic customs house.

Join the Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park on this half day Broome tour and step into another world through its jaws of over 2,500 crocodiles on this unforgettable encounter with these apex predators of Australia! Your entry ticket into the park, daily feeding exhibition and guided walk of the park all await you here, offering an experience you won’t soon forget.