The Best Lunch Spots in Broome, Western Australia


best lunch spots in broome western australia

Whether you’re a local or just visiting Broome, there are many great lunch spots to enjoy in the town. Some of the most popular include the Bao Shed, Mango Place at Kanagae Estate, and the Sydney Cove Oyster Bar. Each of these lunch spots offers something a little different to the other.

Mango Place at Kanagae Estate

Located in Broome, Western Australia, The Mango Place offers an abundance of mango products. This quaint cafe provides a variety of mango smoothies, juices, liqueurs, wines, cocktails, and woodfired pizzas.

The Mango Place is located at Lot 4, Kanagae Dr., 12 Mile, Broome, Western Australia. This shady tree-lined cafe is a great place to enjoy a variety of mango products.

The Mango Place offers a variety of products including mango juice, mango wine, cheesecakes, and even secret-recipe jams. They also serve a tasty beef and mango red wine pie. If you’re looking for a treat, they also have mango mojitos and a mango-infused ice cream.

The Mango Place is an easy 18-kilometre drive from downtown Broome. It’s a great spot to enjoy an outdoor lunch. This shady, tree-lined cafe is filled with picnic tables and umbrellas, so you can enjoy a meal while you relax.

Broome is the pearling capital of Australia and a popular beach resort. The 80-mile beach is a popular swimming and sunset destination. Cable Beach is known for its beautiful turquoise waters and spectacular Indian Ocean sunsets.

There are plenty of great cafes to check out while you’re in Broome. The Deen is one of the best places to go for a drink and is known for its variety of music. They have a variety of weekly events, and they’re the city’s favourite haunt for backpackers.

Sydney Cove Oyster Bar

Located in Broome, Western Australia, Sydney Cove Oyster Bar is one of the best lunch spots in Broome. This seafood restaurant serves oysters, cocktails, takeout and shareable bites. They also offer an oyster masterclass.

Besides oysters, you’ll find delicious steamed mussels, pan-seared barramundi and famous fish tacos at the Sydney Cove Oyster Bar. The menu is inspired by simplicity, with a mix of regional oysters and seafood.

The menu also includes Asian flavours. For example, the Bao Shed boasts Asian-inspired dishes, including a vegan sushi bowl. For a snack, Kichi Kichi offers seafood wonton. And The Aarli, a Vietnamese eatery, taps into the multiculturalism of Broome. It serves grilled peach and octopus, as well as pho, smoked butter sauce and pickled cucumber.

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The Aarli is one of the most popular restaurants in Broome. Its outdoor dining under a giant frangipani tree offers million dollar views. The Aarli also serves Vietnamese martinis and chilli scrambled eggs.

You can also experience a sunset cruise in Broome. During the day, visit the Mangrove Hotel, which offers day beds and pink hues at sunset. You can also take a pearling tour. You can also learn about the pearl farming process from Willie Creek Pearls.

The Broome market runs every Saturday and Sunday, as well as select nights during Staircase to the Moon. The markets sell a variety of goods, including handmade clothing, photography, toiletries and more. You can also find hawker-style food at these markets.

Little Indian

Whether you’re in the mood for an international meal or simply a quick bite, Broome has plenty of great restaurants to choose from. The Kimberley’s pearling industry has drawn in migrants from across the globe, and today the city is home to more than 13 thousand people.

The Aarli is a restaurant in Broome’s Chinatown precinct that serves up modern Australian fare in tropical surrounds. It also serves a cocktail that’s a must-try.

The Aarli is renowned for its martinis, but the food is also up there. They serve Vietnamese soups like pho and grilled octopus, and less-famous dishes such as pickled cucumber. The Aarli is also the city’s best seafood restaurant, according to the Western Australian.

Little Indian claims to have the best service in Broome. It offers an array of naan – and there’s a nice wine list to boot. The menu also features 27 different dishes, including vegan, meat and vegetarian options. The restaurant also serves shareable sides and a gluten-free selection.

The Town Beach cafe is a must-visit. It’s a favourite among visitors and locals on the eastern side of the town. The food and craft market takes place on ‘Staircase to the Moon’ nights. They have a burger that’s worth a try, as well as iced coffees and baked beans.

The Broome Courthouse Markets are a popular place for low-key breakfasts. They’re also home to the Spinifex Brewing Co. This Aboriginal-owned brewery makes native botanical brews, and sources premium organic Fairtrade beans from around the world.

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Bao Shed

Whether you’re looking for a fine dining experience or a casual lunch spot, Broome has you covered. The Kimberley has a fusion food scene that includes Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese and Malay cuisines. Whether you’re after a fresh seafood platter or a hearty brekkie, you’ll find it in Broome.

One of the most unique food experiences in the region is found in Chinatown. This revamped precinct is home to a plethora of multi-cultural eateries that serve a variety of Asian flavours. There are traditional Vietnamese dishes, pho and grilled octopus, as well as a few lesser-known soups.

In the past, Broome has been renowned for its oyster bars. These utilise Australia’s best seafood and feature a shareable menu. Oyster shots are the signature Broome flavour.

Another iconic Broome dish is the DMK, a combination of balinese street food with world flavours. This includes a classic Nasi campur of beef rendang and chicken satay. It’s a meal that’s oh-so-crispy and served in a pan.

Another example of the North West food scene in Broome is the Sandalwood Cafe. This small quaint cafe serves delicious grub.

The Aarli in Chinatown is another restaurant that’s been a popular draw in Broome. It’s located in a tropical setting and offers a mix of modern Australian and Asian cuisine. It’s also a great place to dine all day.

The Aarli’s food menu is a nod to the multiculturalism of Broome. It features an Asian-inspired share plate, as well as Vietnamese martinis. Its outdoor dining under a giant frangipani tree is also a winner.

Divers Tavern

Located at 12 Cable Beach Rd W, this place has a lot to offer. It offers the best of both worlds: fine dining, great service, and a view of one of the world’s most stunning beaches. This is all topped off with a large and interesting bar.

The tavern boasts two bars and a well-stocked beer fridge. The main restaurant serves up a selection of fresh oysters, Japanese fusion cuisine, and a smattering of Australian eats. It also has an open courtyard in the centre of town.

The tavern’s beach bar is also a sight to behold. It offers a menu of 9 dishes, as well as a number of packaged offerings. It also has a number of TAB facilities, a surprisingly large wine selection, and a TAB prizeboard. It’s also wheelchair accessible. The restaurant is also home to Broome’s only microbrewery.

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There’s more to a restaurant in Broome than meets the eye, but if you’re in the mood for a steak, the tavern is your best bet. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better value than this. This is especially true if you’re a member of the club. You can enjoy great service and get your beer delivered to your door.

The tavern may be on your bucket list, but you’ll be hard pressed to find mediocre fare. If you’re in the mood for something more substantial, you can order from the RSL Club’s takeaway menu.


Whether you’re looking for a fine dining experience or a casual lunch, Broome is a great place to find a delicious meal. With 52 languages spoken in the city, Broome is a foodie’s paradise. There are several markets and cafes in Broome that serve a variety of cuisines.

The Courthouse Markets is a local market that includes a variety of food stalls. There are also local designers and handmade clothing available. There are more than 100 stalls during the busy season. During the dry season, the markets are open on Saturdays and Sundays.

There are several food vans that cater for the market. During the wet season, the markets are closed. If you’re not sure about the date of the market, check out their website for more information.

In addition to the regular Saturday and Sunday markets, there are also Thursday night markets. On Thursdays, you’ll find a craft market on Town Beach and a food and art market on Dampier Terrace. You can buy some beautiful souvenirs and listen to live music at these markets.

Another great restaurant is the Aarli. This Asian inspired eatery is a popular spot in the heart of Chinatown. The Aarli is the perfect place to stop for an all-day breakfast or lunch. You can sit under a giant frangipani tree and enjoy a classic breakfast or an Asian inspired share plate.