What is Broome Australia Famous For?


what is broome Australia famous for

Located in the Kimberley region of Australia, Broome is a beach resort town that is known for its stunning scenery, beaches and historic Chinatown. The town is also a jumping off point for cruises to local pearl farms.

Riddell Beach

Located just eight kilometres out of Broome, Riddell Beach is a picturesque, quiet and secluded beach. It is a great place to picnic, watch sunsets or enjoy a swim. The area is also dog friendly and has boat launching facilities.

The sand at Riddell Beach is very smooth and safe to swim in, making it a popular choice for locals. It is also a great spot for watching storms.

If you’re interested in a unique experience, you can try stand up paddleboarding. There are plenty of charters available to help you get started. These tours will take you around the turquoise waters of Roebuck Bay.

There are plenty of other activities to do in Broome. From watching the sun rise over the horizon, to exploring the rich history and heritage of the city, there’s something for everyone.

There’s also the Sun Pictures cinema. This world-famous outdoor cinema plays several movies daily. It’s decorated with quirky decor and offers a variety of seating options.

If you want to learn more about the history of the pearling industry, the Broome Historical Museum is a great place to visit. The museum features Aboriginal art and the story of the pearling industry. It will also tell you more about the wars that took place in the town.

Another fun activity is cliff jumping at Gantheaume Point. The point juts out into the Indian Ocean at a height of eight metres. The point is home to the Gantheaume Point Lighthouse, which is also a great spot for whale watching trips.

The shores of the bay are also a good spot for birdwatching. Visitors can see migratory birds from the Arctic Circle and Siberia.

Gantheaume Point

Located outside of Broome, Gantheaume Point is a stunning promontory known for its red rock formations and azure blue ocean. It’s also a popular meeting place for locals.

The cliffs at Gantheaume Point are home to a series of dinosaur footprints that date back 130 million years. During this time, Broome was a large river delta. The tracks show where thirty-metre long Brontosaurus-type dinosaurs roamed.

To get to the dinosaur tracks, visitors can drive or take a floatplane tour. The area is very popular for wildlife spotting. In addition, guided walks lead tourists to the ancient prints.

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When visiting Gantheaume Point, it’s important to check the tide times. At high tide, the tracks are covered by the sea. During low tide, however, the track is visible. You’ll want to bring a hat and sunscreen. Wear sturdy, non-slip shoes, and avoid walking at night.

To see the real dinosaur tracks, you’ll need to visit during very low tide. The tracks are about thirty meters out to sea.

The best time to visit is between April and November. At the low tide, you’ll see the real fossilized tracks, while at the high tide they’ll be covered. It’s also a good idea to bring a hat, sunscreen, and water.

Another fascinating attraction at Gantheaume Point is Anastasia’s Pool. It was carved out of stone by a former lighthouse keeper. It was made for his wife, Anastasia, who suffered from arthritis. In January 2014, a storm damaged the pool. The former keeper then reshaped it, making it therapeutic warm water.

The red sandstone cliffs at Gantheaume are spectacular, and the contrast between the azure ocean and the red cliffs is quite spectacular. The area is especially eye-catching during sunset.

Horizontal Falls

Located in Western Australia, Horizontal Falls are an iconic natural wonder. They are situated on the Buccaneer Archipelago of the Kimberley Region. A 20-metre gap in a tall red wall creates the waterfall.

This unique waterfall is caused by the largest tidal movements in the world. Every second, one million litres of water passes through the gap. When the tide changes, the flow reverses and the waterfall flattens out.

The waterfall is created by the fast-moving tidal current that squeezes through two narrow gorges in the McLarty Range. As a result, the water appears to be flowing sideways.

The best way to view the waterfall is to take a seaplane. Tour operators offer this option from Broome. This includes a 40-minute flight over the Horizontal Falls and the surrounding area. It also includes a lunch and an on-board barbecue.

The best time to visit is from May to September. However, the waterfall is visible all year round. The falls are formed by large tidal movements that occur in the Kimberley region. These tides can vary up to ten metres in height.

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A trip to the falls is a great activity to do while in Western Australia. It can be done by boat, seaplane or helicopter. Regardless of your choice, the experience is sure to be a memorable one.

The Horizontal Falls are located in the ancestral homeland of the saltwater Dambimangari people. This Aboriginal Reserve Land was named Lalang-garram, meaning ‘place of natural abundance’.

There are many tour operators that organize tours to the falls. Most travellers opt to do a trip from Broome, which offers a more complete and richer experience.

The other alternative to seeing the Horizontal Falls is to take a seaplane from Derby. The flight takes only a short forty minutes from the town. The sweeping views of the area are worth the ride.

Staircase to the Moon

‘Staircase to the Moon’ is a natural phenomenon that occurs when the full moon rises above the tidal flats of Roebuck Bay. On clear nights, the bright moonlight reflects on the rippled mudflats, creating an optical illusion of steps leading to the moon.

The Staircase to the Moon occurs two to three times a month. The best viewing location is at Town Beach. This is the only place in the world where this natural event happens. It is a unique experience and visitors flock to the town from all over the world to watch.

On selected dates, the town will host a market for those who wish to purchase souvenirs and hand-made products. It is also an opportunity to sample local produce and enjoy live music.

Besides the markets, Broome is home to several other attractions. The Mangrove Hotel offers great views of the surrounding bay. Other attractions include the Wilderness Park, which features kangaroos, crocodiles and snakes.

The town of Broome is a 2.5 hour flight from Perth, and accessible by car and taxi services. Various bus services are available from the city to nearby destinations.

The Staircase to the Moon is a popular activity in Broome. On select nights, the town hosts a night market at Town Beach. The markets include food vans and local artists. These markets are held every Thursday night from June to September.

The Moonlight Sky Show is another must-see attraction in Broome. This is a two-hour show that takes place on certain nights of the month. It is best enjoyed with a picnic. The best viewing locations are on the foreshore of Town Beach. The view may vary depending on the time of the moonrise, weather, and the tide.

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Located in Australia’s far west, Broome has a lot to offer visitors. It is a laid-back town with a great mix of adventure and relaxation. The weather is very hot and humid. It is also prone to tropical storms. If you’re planning a visit to Broome, make sure you book accommodation well in advance.

One of the most iconic things to do in Broome is a camel ride. These animals can weigh up to a kilogram. You can go on a guided tour of a pearl farm and learn about the pearling history of the region.

Cable Beach is a long, flat stretch of white sand. It’s a popular destination for sunrise walks and sunset camel rides. It is a popular spot for locals and tourists. During the summer, it’s a good place for fishing. There are surf life saving patrols on Cable Beach during the tourist season. There are umbrellas available to hire.

Bats are a common feature of the area. Bats can carry harmful viruses. In some cases, the droppings from the bats have burned the paintwork on cars. The council has provided portable high-pressure water pumps to clean the droppings.

The grey-headed flying fox is the largest of the bats. The wing span of this species can exceed a metre. These creatures are found in large colonies and live only at dusk. They feed on nectar and flowers. They are the smartest of the Australian mammals.

It’s easy to see why this species has been labelled as a vulnerable species. The population of this species has increased in recent years. However, experts are warning against the extinction of the species.

The Grey-headed flying fox is Australia’s largest bat, and it is protected by law. It has a unique odor. It marks its roosting territory with a pungent scent.