Broome’s Reptile Parks – Get Up Close With Wildlife


Broome’s extraordinary landscape provides home for an abundance of wildlife, from snub fin dolphins and blue-tongue lizards to red kangaroos and more! Here you can get up close with local fauna.

Begin to be amazed and marvel at the snub-fin dolphins of Roebuck Bay. These slow moving marine life delight viewers while fishing for food in Roebuck Bay; so much so, that David Attenborough and his team documented them for Blue Planet 2!

Crocodile Park

If you want to gain more knowledge about crocodiles, this park should definitely be on your itinerary. With fun educational programs for visitors of all ages that help provide insight into how these reptiles live and where they come from; plus they work tirelessly to protect and secure crocodile habitats – this truly deserves your visit.

The Crocodile Park offers feeding shows and museum exhibits of crocodiles in an animal refuge that also hosts kangaroos, euro wallabies and snakes. Its wetlands were designed to replicate their reptilian homes – complete with lakes, waterfalls islands and sandbanks; tours also take you through a small zoo featuring many exotic animals; its tour also takes visitors through Malcolm Douglas who starred in several adventure films which can be seen at its shop museum along with various products related to saltwater crocodiles!

Crocodiles are among the world’s most formidable predators, renowned for their ambush hunting techniques and ability to bring down large mammals and birds with powerful bites. At Crocodile Park, these impressive creatures live peacefully within natural enclosures that replicate their habitat despite their powerful appearance and incredible bite power.

This park features a playground designed to mimic the water habitat of these reptiles. The playground surfacing resembles real water and includes several structures such as wood boats, wooden bridges and tent play houses – in addition to a five-meter feature bronze crocodile that shoots water into the playground creating a river effect – it was inspired by beach ripples for maximum realism!

Crocodile Parks offer visitors an exciting place to learn about these fascinating reptiles, and staff at each park are more than happy to share their knowledge with visitors. They can tell visitors all about its history and development while answering any queries you might have regarding these fascinating animals.

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Broome Reptile Park

Broome Crocodile Park provides more than just an exciting thrill ride – it is an educational experience! Guided tours teach visitors about the life cycle, behavior and conservation efforts of these ancient reptiles. In addition, turtles, snakes, lizards and frogs inhabiting this park round out this educational experience.

In 2000, a fire destroyed the park’s main building. Thanks to volunteers’ help, all animals from the park survived; seven weeks later it reopened as normal.

The park boasts an extensive collection of reptiles, such as American alligators and crocodiles, tortoises, skinks, Komodo dragons, monitor lizards, geckos, and iguanas – not forgetting many native birds and fish species – making for an impressive array of fauna for visitors to discover in their natural environments. Furthermore, this park plays an instrumental role in collecting snake and spider venom for antivenom production and production; having helped save many thousands of lives from death over time.

Another highlight of the park is the snubfin dolphin enclosure, where visitors can engage with one of these extremely rare marine mammals. Affectionately known as ‘snubbies,” these slow-moving mammal has rounded noses that seem permanently smiling; encounters can be found all year long at this park.

Crocodile Park also houses turtles, frogs and various other animals such as snakes. Regular wildlife displays feature feeding sessions.

At the Platypus House, visitors can meet Yaro the platypus in his natural environment of nocturnal creek habitat, complete with waterfall and complex burrowing tunnels to an outdoor pond complete with nest boxes. This park’s flora and fauna is as varied as its fauna; many native species exist that attract thousands of people each year to this popular tourist spot.

Broome Wildlife Park

Broome is an idyllic melting pot, cradled by tropical beauty. A former pearling capital, Broome attracted workers from Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Japan and Europe who left an indelible mark on local culture. Red dirt sits alongside aqua ocean while pearl boutiques come hand in hand with laid back breweries for an experience unlike any other in Australia’s northernmost frontier region. A trip to Broome provides the ideal opportunity to experience these distinct cultural flavors first-hand!

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The 3 in 1 Tour is tailored to captivate a range of adventure-seeking travelers, from history buffs to wildlife enthusiasts and beyond. History enthusiasts will enjoy exploring Broome’s past at the Broome Museum; wildlife enthusiasts will marvel at Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park with its fascinating displays of prehistoric reptiles; while beer and food connoisseurs will discover bliss at Matso’s Broome Brewery where you can taste its delights which have deep local ties.

Gantheaume Point is an idyllic setting just minutes from the center of town, boasting red pindan soils against an inviting turquoise ocean backdrop. Take a leisurely stroll on Cable Beach’s white sands or visit an extinct dinosaur footprint replica discovered nearby; for an immersive marine life experience take a multi-day cruise to Rowley Shoals Marine Park; its three coral atolls offer shelter to an abundance of fish and sealife species that make up this amazing ecosystem.

Broome is known for its beautiful Cable Beach, an international treasure worth the trek down its red dirt road! Take time to relax on this idyllic beach, soak up some sun or stroll along its cliff edge while keeping an eye out for a magical event – like when Roebuck Bay appears under full moon at low tide – that marks sunset time twilight’sunsets’ with full moonrise over Roebuck Bay at low tide!

Broome County Department of Parks, Recreation and Youth Services oversees over 240 acres in five parks: Nathaniel Cole Park (Town of Colesville), Dorchester Park (Town of Triangle), Greenwood Park (Town of Endicott), Grippen Park & Roundtop Picnic Area in Nanticoke Town as well as Otsiningo Park (Town of Dickinson). Each offers recreation such as beaches, picnic areas & shelters, playgrounds, family campgrounds, boating as well as miles of trails for walking/biking activities – among many other things!

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Broome Museum

Broome Museum showcases its town’s fascinating local history in two historical structures – the old Customs House and Sailmaker’s Shed – providing insight into its turbulent past and providing perspective into this unique multicultural frontier town. Explore how pearling industry drew thousands of indentured workers from Asia; Japanese air raids on Broome during WW2, and how its culture has since integrated diverse backgrounds together into one cohesive identity.

This museum is an invaluable collection of visual displays and artefacts that tell the tale of Broome and its people, including pearling masters clad in colonial whites with divers in primitive suits, the meatworks that dominated Broome with their violence and prejudice, bombing raids by Japanese fighters during WW2, dinosaur footprints discovered nearby, life as told by women who ran its telephone exchange, as well as humorous installations highlighting racism and White Australia issues.

The museum features items rescued from buildings slated for demolition, and is dedicated to preserving Broome’s built and social histories. Thus its diverse exhibits ranging from old lockups, the CWA hall, Vietnamese refugee boats, and an old sail-making shed; with professional staff who possess exceptional knowledge.

Broome Museum is an absolute must for those interested in Broome’s history and surrounding area, and is well worth a trip from anywhere within Kimberley. Spend several hours there without getting bored – there’s also a cafe! Easily located at Town Beach end with plenty of parking spots available, you can find this venue open 7 days a week with its friendly staff happy to assist at their information desk if required.