Broome’s Ocean Kayak Tours


Paddling Paradise offers kayak and paddleboard rentals and tours on Turkey Creek using Hobie kayaks, equipment sales and lessons.

Discover the stunning local tidal landscape and vivid hues on a guided kayak tour. Sea Turtles, Dolphins, Fish, Manta Rays and migratory birds can frequently be spotted. Kayaks and safety gear will also be provided along with beach snacks and cold beverages as part of this enjoyable excursion.

Mangrove Walk

Broome offers breathtaking natural landscapes to relax and unwind in. Stroll along Gantheaume Point for views of its turquoise ocean and Cable Beach’s sweeping white sands; or experience Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park’s dinosaur footprint reconstructions before visiting Rowley Shoals Marine Park which boasts three coral atolls offering some of Australia’s premier diving and snorkelling opportunities.

Explore the mangrove tunnels’ tidal landscape on a guided kayak tour! Kayaking peacefully through these water forests is a delightful nature experience; and who knows? Perhaps even sea turtles or fish will join your voyage.

Broome is the gateway to Kimberley region and thus draws visitors from all around the world. A diverse cultural melting pot, the town has an authentic frontier feel: red dirt stands alongside aqua water; pearl boutiques vie with laid back breweries for space in town; activities range from world-class diving to unhurried camel rides!

Broome offers everything from eco-adventures and cultural encounters, to sun and sand relaxation and ultimate sunbathing experiences – it truly offers something for everyone in this unique part of the world. Boasting tropical climate, Broome offers year-round sunbathing conditions; with warm days with clear skies perfect for ocean kayaking from May until October during its dry season.

Broome’s Ocean Kayak Tours was established in 2001 as an accredited adventure business that offers sea kayak tours throughout the year in and around Broome. Led by experienced guides using comfortable Sit-On-Top kayaks designed for ease of paddling, our tours explore all corners of this coastal region.

At Willie Creek Kayaking Company, guests have the choice between morning or sunset tours that include kayak lessons, equipment and safety gear, as well as an exciting lunch. In addition, this company also provides helicopter and land-based scenic flights, full day cruises to Buccaneer Archipelago and half day trips to Willie Creek for your enjoyment!

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Sarasota’s beautiful waterfront offers plenty to discover on this kayaking tour that weaves its way through Lido Key’s tranquil mangrove tunnels, giving you an up-close experience with birds, wildlife, and dolphins – who call these waters home!

Camel Caravan

The Camel Caravan provides an unforgettable and exciting family adventure, providing children with a chance to learn about local culture and history while spending quality time together with loved ones. Kayaking can also be a wonderful family activity as it promotes teamwork and communication skills essential for building strong relationships; furthermore it helps develop patience as well as arm muscle strength. Furthermore, its safe environment offers participants a chance to form bonds among themselves!

Broome offers visitors a new view as you paddle around Roebuck Bay on an easy tour suitable for all ages and no prior experience is necessary. Enjoy seeing turtles, seabirds and maybe even manta rays or humpback whales during this tour. After your paddle stop at Gantheaume Point to stroll its white sands and view 120 million-year-old dinosaur footprints!

Broome is an international melting pot, boasting influences from Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Japan – creating an ambience unmatched anywhere else in Australia. Broome’s pearling industry attracted workers from across the world resulting in its distinct character: red dirt sits beside aqua ocean; pearl boutiques rub shoulders with casual breweries; activities range from world-class diving to leisurely camel rides!

Broome offers something to please couples and families alike – be it romantic getaways or family adventures. Enjoy a spectacular sunset aboard a 25-metre catamaran and watch Cable Beach come alive with colours. Or discover its marine wilderness aboard MV King Tide cruise to Rowley Shoals to spot 35,000 humpback whales making their annual migration journey from Alaska to Australia.

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Visit Sun Pictures for an outdoor cinematic experience like no other, then stroll along Town Beach or check out Chinatown. Discover Rowley Shoals Marine Park to witness marine life of every variety; nature enthusiasts should join a tour to Roebuck Bay Mudflats; alternatively book a sunset cruise and relax camel riding at Cable Beach before ending your stay with some fantastic mudflat-swamp fishing tours on Roebuck Bay Mudflats or Richard Young Photography of Broome Courthouse Markets offering beautiful prints depicting Broome-Kimberley region photos – arrange photo sessions with this local artist today!

Moonlight Paddle

Discover nature by night while paddling the mangroves of Roebuck Bay under a full moon. No prior experience is necessary, though you will need to be comfortable swimming in the ocean and navigating an unfamiliar waterway. Glimmers of dino-bio luminescence illuminate shallow waters and mangrove roots making this kayaking adventure one of the most remarkable kayaking trips available anywhere in North America.

Sea turtles may appear along the journey and you will experience sunset from an unexpected viewpoint. No advance booking necessary as this tour runs daily from Broome’s Town Beach where an active night market takes place.

Explore Broome from a unique vantage point during this guided paddling adventure! Get up close with marine life such as humpback whales (June-September) and Manta Rays from your kayak, plus explore sand dunes of the mud flats that provide homes for various bird species.

Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge is not just for nature lovers; paddlers will find paradise here as well. Here you will discover beautiful cypress knees and Spanish moss; alligators; black bears; and of course endangered red wolves can all be seen!

This section of the Nantahala River serves as a rite-of-passage for many kayakers, offering relatively smooth waters punctuated with Class II and III rapids such as The Bump, Surfing Rapid and Whirlpool. If feeling brave enough, adventurous paddlers may venture further upstream towards Cascades (Class IV/V). If conditions permit.

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Stable double and single sit-on-top sea kayaks with dry bags to protect cameras/phones/valuables are available as well as individual serve beach snacks and cold drinks.

Dinosaur Footprints

Discover a remarkable new perspective of Broome’s picturesque coastal landscape on this kayak adventure. Spot vibrant marine life such as turtles and manta rays before stopping for a refreshing swim in its pristine waters. With no experience necessary, your professional kayak guide will lead the way around intricate waterways and reef formations while giving breaks for exploration or refreshment with cool drinks and beach snacks along the way. At its conclusion, take an opportunity to spot manta rays, dolphins or even humpback whales in their natural environments!

The Dinosaur State Park combines museum, nature trail and arboretum into one incredible location. Boasting over 750 prehistoric dinosaur footprints preserved in place – among them some of the best-preserved examples in existence today – its interactive displays and exhibits help bring Mesozoic life back to life!

Dinosaur footprints provide paleontologists with more than just evidence of where a dinosaur walked; they also reveal its type and whether or not it had four legs. Experts who examined Red Cliffs tracks have connected them with three species: Tyrannosaurus, Baryonyx, Diplodocus as well as Stegosaurs and Ankylosaurs.

“The Ballroom”, due to the way the mud swelled up into various patterns as though a sauropod were dancing. Additionally, several smaller sauropod tracks may have been left by juveniles following behind larger adults.

The tracks at this site have been meticulously mapped for visitors’ ease of interpretation. Unfortunately, unlike at many other dinosaur footprint sites, only one sign explains what each track means; more educational signage would give each track more significance and increase understanding among visitors.