Exploring the Kimberley’s Treasures on a Road Trip From Broome


Broome is your gateway to Western Australia’s Kimberley region. Explore gorges and chasms by hiking, sleeping under the stars in outback stations, learning about Aboriginal culture at sites such as Boab Prison Tree.

Explore Horizontal Falls’ breathtaking cliffs and blue waters, uncover dinosaur footprints at Gantheaume Point, or ride camels on Cable Beach – there is so much beauty and discovery waiting!

Horizontal Falls

Horizontal Falls are a stunning natural phenomenon found within Kimberley’s remote Buccaneer Archipelago and are caused by some of the world’s greatest tidal movements, as rushing tidewater squeezes through narrow gaps in cliffs creating an amazing sideways waterfall effect. Admire its pristine wilderness from above via scenic flights from Broome or Derby all year long or get up close and personal as you ride a high-powered boat through its torrents.

Experience something truly exceptional on this tour: explore Boab Prison Tree, an Aboriginal initiation site and place of mourning; travel along Gibb River Road to Windjana Gorge and Bell Gorge where ancient marine fossils lie embedded within their walls; then visit Tunnel Creek where you’ll swim beneath its towering droplet waterfall in Western Australia’s oldest cave system before stopping off at Emma Gorge Resort for dinner.

Start off your Horizontal Falls experience right. Here, a scenic helicopter flight is an incredible way to see them in all their splendor from a new angle! From above you’ll experience Kimberley’s signature tapestry of red sandstone strata rocks, vibrant blue waterways and vibrant green vegetation; not to mention those impressive waterfalls which seem even more powerful when seen from above!

Another unforgettable way to experience Horizontal Falls is on a full-day tour that incorporates hiking up Cape Leveque into its itinerary. Cape Leveque marks where five crew members of a US Navy DC3 airplane survived for four days on only seawater, stale sandwiches and badly crushed grapes! Witnessing their power from such an elevated point can be truly inspiring.

Gantheaume Point

Join a tour to Gantheaume Point and witness some of the world’s most incredible dinosaur footprints at over 130 million years old, preserved in reef rock and sand. During low tides you may even get close enough to view casts of footprints or walk across actual footprints themselves! Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; wear shoes that can get wet!

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Gantheaume Point offers stunning coastal scenery, with red cliffs dipping into Roebuck Bay’s turquoise waters and providing the perfect spot for beach walks or diving into its waters. Anastasia’s Pool, created by one of the lighthouse keepers for his wife, can also be found near its foot cliffs – it was destroyed during a stormy spell in 2014 but its repair would damage surrounding coral and disrupt original pools in any case.

Gantheaume should be reached by early afternoon for optimal viewing of the footprints, due to fast moving tides. Check tide tables before heading down there, as tide levels can change rapidly here. Some car rental companies stipulate you must not drive off bitumen; however there may be exceptions made in case you want to drive across gravel tracks to reach them. It would also be wise to bring reef shoes if planning on walking over any rocky areas near footprints which may become slippery during your visit.

Dinosaur Adventure Tour

Discover The Kimberley with its unspoiled landscapes of thundering waterfalls, ancient Aboriginal rock art and deserted beaches on an extraordinary Discovery Voyage. Experience stunning islands teeming with native birdlife as you discover hidden reefs teeming with marine life – it will be an experience unlike any other! Combine luxury with captivating adventure for a once-in-a-lifetime experience you won’t soon forget.

Glide along the Kimberley Coastline and Roebuck Bay aboard your custom-built vessel, spotting wildlife among rugged cliffs and aqua waters. Learn the fascinating history and evolution of the region while listening to expert guides talk about its flora and fauna. Head out into Roebuck Bay Marine Park – a heritage listed marine park – where perfectly preserved 120 million-year-old dinosaur footprints fossilised into rock on an isolated beach are on show for you to marvel at!

APT provides the ultimate way to explore the Kimberley with small ship expedition cruising and private jet air tours, taking visitors on excursions to Bungle Bungle Range, Bell Gorge and Horizontal Falls with exclusive stays at their Wilderness Lodges.

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The Kimberley exudes spirituality. Perhaps it’s its sprawling desert landscapes, deep gorges or towering sandstone cliffs; whatever it may be, when standing in footsteps that have spanned millennia of time you can feel its mystical pull on you and wrap its arms around your soul.

Coral Expeditions ships are specifically tailored for maximum comfort, offering luxurious experiences on distant frontiers. Their luxurious staterooms, suites and open deck areas are the ideal setting to unwind after an exciting day on board – enjoy a glass of champagne as you admire your surroundings from your spacious stateroom or suite balcony or lounge on one of their Xplorer tenders, which feature hydraulic lifting/lowering mechanisms with shade cover seating toilets as well as onboard commentary!

Camel Trek

Make the ultimate luxury and beauty trip when visiting Broome: take a camel ride along Cable Beach’s 22km of white sand! An iconic Broome experience, best enjoyed during its dry season. Tour operators like Camel Safaris employ their own herd of camels with sustainable care practices that demonstrate genuine love for these peaceful animals from their owners.

The Kimberley is home to an astounding diversity of marine life. You may discover rare shellfish and flowers hidden away in bays, unique marine creatures beneath the waves or learn pearling on an historic working wharf as part of your Coral Sea Adventure!

Explore the Kimberley’s Aboriginal heritage with a visit to ancient rock art sites, featuring ancient drawings and engravings depicting rich cultural histories connected to land. Horizontal Falls’ surging tidewaters and Purnululu National Park’s jaw-dropping scenery are both within easy reach from Broome.

To fully experience the natural splendour of Kimberley, take a jet boat ride through Horizontal Falls or book a scenic flight over Talbot Bay and its natural wonders. These tours allow for stunning waterfalls and dramatic gorges as well as wildlife such as saltwater crocodiles, dolphins, and various bird species to roam free within their surrounds.


After spending the day exploring Geraldton and Kalbarri National Park, it’s time to head north towards Broome. Your drive will pass through the traditional lands of Njikena, Bunuba, Ongkomi, Gedija and Gedija peoples as you pass by their respective traditional territories. Be on the lookout for Aboriginal rock art at Vansittart Bay and Swift Bay which includes Gwion (Bradshaw)-inspired long skinny figures as well as more circular Wandjina painting styles!

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As soon as the road turns to dirt and the air heats up, the Kimberley’s arid landscapes begin to reveal themselves. Be on the lookout for local wildlife; maybe you’ll spot herds of wild camels roaming Roebuck Bay’s deserted beaches! Eighty Mile Beach features its signature sand dune landscape where visitors can swim in the ocean or just relax on its beach sands – ideal spots to observe local fauna!

By now, you should be getting excited to reach your destination. Once at Willare Roadhouse, fuel up and grab some snacks. To save both time and money, consider shopping at supermarkets in Derby, Kununurra or Broome before proceeding further northwards; local butchers Tenderspot in Broome or Sampey Meats in Derby offer cryovac meat packs that you can bring on the journey.

Once in Broome, take some time to explore its rich history and culture. Walking along Carnarvon Street, Johnny Chi Lane or Dampier Terrace allows visitors to admire public art depicting pearling, Asian or Aboriginal heritage of the area. Cultural tours are available, or you could join family-friendly experiences at Cable Beach Zoo or Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park and Animal Refuge for example; comel rides can also be taken at Cable Beach or cruises around Roebuck Bay offer mini safari experiences!