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December 2011

Toni Bourne - Monday, December 05, 2011
Christmas is only 20 something days away and lucky for me this year is going to be a quiet family gathering in Broome tucking into fresh local seafood, mangoes and cold beer around the pool.  Christmas for us has become more about spending quality time together as a family and appreciating how lucky we are to live in such a wonderful part of the world than getting caught up in all the typical Christmas chaos.   However you choose to spend your Christmas we hope it’s a memorable day filled with love and laughter.

The weather is definitely something locals talk about a lot at this time of the year like; when will we get the first ‘knock’em down rain’, how hot & humid it is this year compared to last, how many cyclones are predicted this year etc etc and typically visitors to Broome are curious about living in such a harsh climate and what it must be like. Visiting Broome over the wet season has many advantages such as; discounted rates on accommodation & tours, potentially saving over 50%.  Spectacular sunsets with amazing cloud formations,  experience a tropical down pour and the chorus of frogs,  mangoes and frangipanis are abundant and best of all the town is less busy and more relaxing……worth considering!

Some operators choose to close up shop for a couple of months for some well deserved R & R, for those adventurous visitors who do make their way to Broome for a wet season experience I am very pleased to recommend the following businesses that operate all year round and who make a huge commitment to the tourist industry in Broome;

  • Broome Visitor Centre
  • Matso’s Boutique Brewery and Restaurant
  • Zeebar @ Cable Beach for Tapas, Beer & Wine
  • Kimberley Aviation for tours over the Horizontal Falls,  Buccaneer Archipelago & Cape Leveque
  • Willie Creek Pearl Farm & Pearl Luggers
  • Broome Camel Safaris
  • Linneys for your Pearl shopping

If you are planning a trip to Broome feel free to touch base with us before you arrive for information on what to do and where to go………we are more than happy to assist you in creating the holiday of a life time.

BroomeTown News

This wet season we have heavily discounted our rates for travellers coming to Broome between November 2011 & March 2012.

Our room rate is $150/night including a lite wet season breakfast.  A shared outdoor kitchenette is available for self catering, this is especially useful for longer stays, we also provide free WiFi for your convenience.  Go to for a full description of our property.

Currently rated at #1 for popularity for B&B’s in Broome, a big thankyou to our former guests who have taken the time to share their experience with the world, we really appreciate it.   As a micro business we rely on ‘word of mouth’ advertising and referrals.   In order to maintain our excellent ranking we encourage as many former guests as possible to write a review, it only takes 10-15mins go to

In keeping up with the social media network, BroomeTown B&B now has a business listing on Facebook.  Stay updated with weekly events and news from Broome and the Kimberley. Go to our Facebook Page and ‘like’ us.

Broome Business Focus

Eco Beach Wilderness Retreat
If you’re looking for the ultimate escape from the hectic pace of life Eco Beach is PERFECT, I recently spent 3 days with my Mum and honestly it felt like a week.  We stayed in a beautiful ‘Garden View Villa’ that was equipped with a small kitchen so we could self cater some of our meals.  The villa was spacious and comfortable and the air conditioning a welcome relief during the middle of the day when it was too hot for the beach.   

I highly recommend the self guided walk through sand dune vegetation that leads to the breathtaking view of Cape Villaret @ Willam Dampier Lookout.  The walk is about 4km return however you can extend the walk by continuing up the beach to the cave adding another 2kms to the overall walk.  It’s important to plan your walk around the tides and a bonus to enjoy sunset from the cave.  We headed off at 4pm and returned at 7pm but spent a lot of time photographing the sunset at the cave.

For most of our time at Eco we rotated from the sunlounge around the pool to the hammock under the beach shelter to the day bed in the Villa to read then back to the beach to walk and photograph the sunset…….absolute bliss!

From October Flatback females start to come ashore to nest laying up to 50 eggs at a time, sometimes nesting 2-3 times, we were lucky enough to spot two turtle nests during our morning walks.  The incubation period is about 6 weeks so in January the tiny hatchlings will emerge then it’s a dash for the ocean to start life before goannas, birds of prey and dingoes grab them.

For a full description of the retreat and activities go to Eco Beach

We look forward to bringing you more exciting news and reports from Broome early in the New Year, until then, take care and happy adventures ahead!